Is there a way to separate your jobs? I'm working in court for the first time and I'm trying to come up with a way to separate the cases.
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I don't separate my jobs in court. I used to think it would be a good idea, too, but it turned out to be impractical.

I save each day by the date: 09 Month Day 193rd Court

I "file" them away on a backup disc, and they automatically organize themselves by date if they're titled this way.

When attys request records, they have to give us the dates (at least here they do). So I go to the date they give me and scan through the file to find the case.

Another way is to get a copy of the docket sheet from the clerk so you have a list right there to go by. It's frustrating to be the only person in the room who doesn't know what is going on, who these attys are and what case this is. Then keep a notebook of all the docket sheets.
I do what wynne does. I have one file per half-day in most situations. My file names look like this: 042909AMjudgename. As time permits, I enter in as much info as possible about each case, going back at breaks to put calendar info such docket number and the correct name spelling in. The goal here is to have some keyword (e.g., correctly-spelled name) and/or docket number that you can find quickly with your software's search function should a transcript be required or requested.

I absolutely insist on having a copy of the calendar even if the judge reads the case number. The clerk should provide this. If not, ask to copy theirs, and don't take no for an answer.
Maybe this will work for you. I work in court full time and I'm on eclipse. I make it easy.
I created a stroke that comes out as [New Case] centered and includes new paragraph line. (I chose to use the asterisk with the number bar, hitting it twice, so it's sort of like new paragraph.) I hit that stroke three or four times in between the cases getting called - because that's all you have time to do!
My jobs are categorized by folders of months and the files are named 7-23-09am, then am2, then pm, then pm2.
When you get a transcript order, you do a F5 search in your text file for "New Case", or even just "[ ", and you can quickly see what case is being called next. Keep doing CTRL L until you find your portion.
I then highlight the text I want, COPY, hit the open transcript button, TYPE AN UNDERLINE after the file name (the original name will already show up for you), and then type in your name like "Martin" after the underscore. Answer "yes" to do you want to create a new file. PASTE your text. As long as it's in the same folder as the original, your audio will remain with the file because of the underline.
I've got it down to such a fast process that it's no problem separating out when I get a transcript order.
Hope this helps.
Cindy L.A.
I don't work in court, but I'm wondering if what you want is in User Settings, Input tab. There's a button at the bottom called Division. The help file said this about it: "The Division stroke is used to separate jobs on older writers that do not divide jobs among multiple files. It is also used in building a dictionary."


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