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Kelli, Could you share how you resolved some of the problems you were having with your Diamante?  I love the touch, the weight, the design.  I'm still trying different adjustments to get rid of weird splits that I know come from the software and not how we write, some shadowing.  I'm not having a stacking problem right now because of the way it's adjusted probably.  I changed time intervals between strokes last adjustment.  I notice that I get missing letters from my period or question marks or from my panic stroke depending on how it's adjusted.  I maybe need to be more methodical about this because, of course, any time you change something you have more or different things showing up so it's mostly about finding the right setting.  I just don't like weird things showing up in realtime.  I'm going to try to spend some more time with their True View, but I'm not sure I can interpret it completely but it shows you the timing and weight with which you hit a key.  I do think the depth and spacing change things any time you adjust them. I'm optimistic that everything can all be adjusted out if I learn enough about it!

Alice, I just bought my second Diamante and I am having the same issues with serious splitting.  I sent the writer in to have them fix this issue and all they did was lower the depth stroke and up the tension, that's it.  I was not pleased.  If you can't use the Diamante on one of the shortest strokes, there is no reason in having the machine at all.  That's the beauty of such a nice short stroke.

I don't have an answer for you on this issue.  I wish I did.  It seems most people are not having splitting problems like we are.  I even put in "less splitting" at -3 and you can go to any higher number, nothing happens.  What I did do is send my first and older Diamante in to have it retrofitted for the shorter stroke and now I'm back using that writer since it does not split the strokes nearly as bad.  What a waste of 5500, that's for sure.

Hi, Diamante users - The subject of the splitting - severe splitting and stacking issues is being discussed on Facebook page for Diamante users.  Way too many for it to be coincidental.  I have sent my D in to be refurbished, not cheap.  But the loaner was a huge improvement.  I reported a case that was technical, had 3 RT hookups, and I tell you nothing is more unnerving than watching strange strokes come up and not translating or translating is just wrong when you are writing.  Even when I wrote notes to myself they were not tranning.  Panic at 280 to 300 wpm is a whole new kind of heart attack, whew.  So on FB it was mentioned to set your D back to factory settings.  CSRnation is the first I have heard of the True View function, so I'll have to check that out. I will also suggest to those on FB to get on CSRnation.  All information is good to kow.  I will check back in when I have some info to provide.  Good luck, everybody.

Does anyone have the issue with their Diamante where it splits the strokes like crazy?  I'm ready to pull my hair out.  I sent it in to be fixed and all Stenograph did was up the tension and up the depth stroke and sent it back.  Very disappointing.

Everyone knows they buy the Diamante for the light touch/short depth stroke, not to make it feel like you're wading through mud when you write.  Please!

I have been using my Diamante for three months.  I have had every adjustment imaginable, and I still have splitting and stacking problems.  I borrowed a coworker's Diamante machine, and her machine didn't stack very much at all.  I set my adjustments to match hers, but my machine continued to stack and split.  My Elan Mira A3 was a better writer as far as the splitting/stack problems.


I have two Diamantes.  One stacks and splits worse than the other one.  I just resigned myself to the fact that it's better than any other writer I have had but it's definitely not perfect.

I sent my Diamante in to be refurbished. Written on it for 7 years with no service. Had horrible splitting, really bad. I rec’d the loaner. Instant improvement in writing. Got my refurb’d D and wrote on it for two days so cleanly, super sweet. Also started doing stretching and drills for speed on my thigh while driving or watching TV. Im completely delighted. Get your D refurbished by Stenograph!!!


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