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Phoenix Theory

I'm posting this for a friend.  Does anyone know about the Phoenix Theory?  Is it good, full of briefs, etc?  Her daughter wants to be a court reporter, and I guess she's going to use Stenograph's schooling, and the Phoenix Theory is one of the ones they use.


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Free Digital Signature

I found this website on another forum: I briefly looked at it, but it appears legit. You might want to check it out unless you want to pay top dollar to VeriSign or RealLegal.


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Stacking Resolution Suggestions Please

Hi, all,

I have been trying for months (or longer) to resolve two stacking issues that keep coming up over and over again, so I thought I'd ask the many experts on the Nation for help.

My brief for "that have" is tha-f. It endlessly comes out as "of that". The other one is "that had". My brief is tha-d. If I write "you mentioned that" in steno, it two-thirds of the time comes out to be "you mention that had".

Any suggestions on different… Continue

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THE U.S. HAS LOST........

one of its greatest senators. Sen. Ted Kennedy passed just before midnight at the age of 77 years of age from glioma brain cancer. I know many will probably disagree with me, but he has done so much for this country in my mind.

Please send prayers to his family. Godspeed, Teddy.


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Word of CAUTION before accepting work

After experiencing a very unpleasant event, I feel compelled to post this. If you take a job from someone on CSRNation, even if you have spoken to them on the phone and all the terms are delineated, make sure you have them sign a contract with all terms explicitly set out.

E-mail me if you want the details @


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