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Recycling VHS, VCR's, and old tech

Recently I went fishing in a storage closet in my house to find an item I thought my daughter would enjoy playing with, and found 4 medium sized boxes busting with VHS tapes that I had forgotten about. They are not old movies or family videos, no, they are legal video depositions. Each tape consists of a legal case of some kind being told from the…

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The Necessary Differences Between Deposition Setups.

The necessary differences between a Legal Video Deposition Set Up and a Court Reporter Deposition Set Up might not seem like a big deal till one realizes the importance of optimum comfort for everyone in the room for the next 2 to 10 hours, give or take.

Comfort is welcomed when one is at work. Court Reporters like to sit at the head of a table so they can see and hear everyone. However, when legal video arrived at the party the set up had to…

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CES: Panasonic Partners With Skype, DirecTV


CES: Panasonic Partners With Skype, DirecTV

Deals will bring videoconferencing and 3D TV content to Panasonic televisions.

By Antone Gonsalves, InformationWeek

Jan. 8, 2010


Panasonic has announced separate partnerships with Skype and DirecTV to bring… Continue

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VP Joe Biden &

I have just returned home from long awesome morning (10-27-09). I was in the "press pit" on the platform with many other news cameras representing The VP of the USA Joe Biden & other DE elected officials made a huge announcement to help US jobs in the car industry. The atmosphere in the room was one of great hope, original American fight and stick-to-it-ness. It was an honor to capture such a great event. Also got to say hello to Beau again who I had worked with a few times on… Continue

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