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Kathryn's Bucket List

Well, I can't reply to Kathryn directly on her page because that would necessitate my making a list of goals -- something I've never done to my recollection. I've always fallen into things: reporting, parenthood, homeownership.

Kathryn, you are so driven. I admire that so much. Just isn't in my hardwiring at all. I don't care a lick about letters behind my name, about being published, about contests. I do like helping students, especially those nearly ready to work. I'd like to get… Continue

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Cat! I'm a kitty cat!

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I sometimes despair for the next generation

I got a call at 5 mins of 12:00 today, asking if I could cover a 1:00. The reporter ended up going longer than she expected in the AM job. Got there, and the other atty didn't put it on his calendar and forgot all about it.

So I left and went to the parking lot that's next to the building, and the little attendant tells me $6. I said, "For half an hour?" She says, "You got here at 11:50. It's 1:40 now." I'm staring at her like she's nuts. "You just saw me! I just got… Continue

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Clemmy v the Snow

It is cold here. All there is to it. 17* overnight, 23* right now. The house is cold, there is deep snow outside. I went to bed with hat and gloves.

Clemmy had a bad case of cabin fever at about 1:30, 2:00 last night, tearing around the house, prrrOWing like crazy. I finally got up with him, and he led me to the front door. I told him he didn't want to go out, but would he believe me?


So I opened the door. He looked, paused. Went out anyway.… Continue

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My Day

My job today was in Salem at 9. I didn't get out of here until after 8! I was running late and having a little bit of a time to find the place. When I got there, went up the steps with all my junk in my new big bulgingred bag . . . only to find it's across the street.

So I trudge across the street, go the wrong way, go back. Go in the right door, up the elevator. Tell the chicky behind the window who I was, why I was there. She hands me a visitor badge as she's calling to make… Continue

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