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Wow, what a great Eclipse seminar held by Julie Samford this past Saturday and Sunday!!!!

She is an incredible instructor, keeps you cracking up and all coffee'd up too! If she had her drothers she'd liquor you up...but then how would you keep your mind focused on that darn Eclipse??

All kidding aside she is really terrific at what she does and has so many helpful things that I bet you don't know how to do on Eclipse...unless you've been to one of her seminars before!

Cheers, and… Continue

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I took an evening hearing job for an agency who listed their assignment on Cover Depo NY in early May (who will remain anonymous at the present time).

Turns out the job expedited ~ I got it to them on the date requested.

They never told me before taking the assignment they had specific margins. They asked me to change them the day I delivered it, when I was at another job, and after emailing me several times to do so while I was at my job and unable to do it, they said they spent four… Continue

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I decided to try to offset the monthly costs of owning E-Tran by offering to the CSR Nation community the opportunity to transfer their files from ASCII into E-Transcript for the low fee of $10 per file.

So far I had one of you take me up on the offer, April, and she has posted her experience on here.

If you need one or two or more ASCII files transferred into E-Tran, check out my listing under Classifieds and just go to the website I set up. It couldn't be simpler and I guarantee… Continue

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