My first video conferenced Parole Board.....

Had my first ones yesterday. BOY! LONG DAY! LOL! Started at 8:30 am and
I got done at 7pm.

Did 57 inmates. I will say, glad I have the amp thing as I used my extension wire and
placed it right in front of the TV where the video comes from. All they use
are the speakers from the TV for the inmates. After I did that, I could
hear them MUCH better. The room seems similar to ceilings that
can suck up the sound.

I will say, I looked at the inmates a LOT more, lol. I really never made
eye contact with them before. It is kind of creepy tho when the inmate is
sitting there 'looking' at you thru the TV until the Commish starts talking.
It does move along faster, as they mute the sound and the Commish give their
decision while the next inmate is brought in and waits.

The CR is really not shown to the inmate on the video. You can see what the
inmate sees, as there is a tiny box in the bottom corner of the screen of
'our' room. I like that they don't look at me now, lol. Dan used to pick
on me that the inmate will be 'dreaming' of you tonight, as you look nice.
Yuck! LOL.

Ok, finishing my other Boards then have to work on these! I was SO stiff
from sitting all day! Felt like I ran for miles, even tho we sat, lol. Had
an inmate who the original Kojak 'movie' was based on....the criminal, not
Kojak...he was an odd duck.


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Comment by Rhoda Collins on May 22, 2008 at 11:21
The amp is my mic. Not sure what you are asking about speakers?? The amp takes 2 AAA batteries. I have gone to rechargable batteries in 'all' my stuff at home and for work. SO much nicer! I use Sony ones. My digital recorder for backup also uses AAA batteries.
Comment by Tona on May 21, 2008 at 16:17
Can you put mics on your speakers like the videographers do?
What are the batteries for?
Comment by Rhoda Collins on May 20, 2008 at 20:09
This is all from Radio Shack
Comment by Rhoda Collins on May 20, 2008 at 20:05
1. Amplified Stereo Listener,
Part #33-1097------------------------------------------$34.99
2. Audio Extension cord,
Part #42-2493 ------------------------------------------$12.99
3. Lightweight Stereo Headphones
with 16 foot cord (I use my earphones instead..)
Part #33-1162 -----------------------------------------$15.99
4. 4-pack of 1.5v
Alkaline Enercell AAA batteries
Part #23-877 --------------------------------------------$ 3.99
Total cost of system: ------------------------------ $67.96
5. Y-Cable Adapter
Part #42-2496 5.99
6. Headphone cable Y adapter
Part #42-2570 6.99
The Pocket Battery Tester sells for $6.99. I got one of these also.
some here have asked how to deal with it being too loud. I use a set of headphones I got from Radio Shack (maybe 20, 25 bucks) that has it own volume control, so I can turn it down or up quickly whenever needed. I have a splitter plugged into my microphone jack on my Dell, with the Dell mic volume setting on fairly low, maybe the second bar. My headphones are plugged in one jack of the splitter, and the amplifier is atttached to the other one with a cord that has two "male" ends. It works great for both my ears and the AudioSync.
FWIW, I have seen the amplified listener used when connected to a microphone port; but you have to set the recording and playback volume controls for input from that port to be very, very, very low, and remove all "boost" settings, otherwise, as you say, you would get nothing but feedback. Put the Microphone volume to the 2nd notch, or it will blow your ears out!!!
Comment by Tona on May 20, 2008 at 17:50
Hi there,
couls you please e-mail me what your amp setup consists of? I've seen it before, but don't know what I need. Thank you.
Tona, San Diego.

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