Okay. The RPR results are generally out. Did you complete "The Challenge" I posted several months ago? Did you improve yourself? Are you still preparing for the November test? If not, why?

I complete my RPR and passed that. Yea! I'm excited about that. But....one of my other reporters also passed the RPR and beat my score by two errors. I don't like to lose. LOL I hate losing. I gave them grief about it. We actually laughed because I'm very happy that they passed and that they did better than me. Well, I'm actually not happy about it at all. I want to win.

That just drives me more to succeed on the next CRR and RMR now. Anyone else think they can beat an ol' cowboy from Nowhere, Texas??? Come on. Bring it. I dare/challenge you to take me on. I have to work to maintain my craft. Do you? My reporter that beat me doesn't hardly have to practice. In fact, I asked her to tell one of the students I had in my office one day to discuss practice habits. The reporter said, "Oh, I didn't practice much." Grrrr. Not what I wanted to hear and especially not what I wanted the student to hear. LOL

Why am I so focused on this after 24 years of reporting??? I LOVE MY JOB!! We all should love our job and treat it as carefully as if we were holding the Hope Diamond in our hands. I bet that would change your outlook on what's precious. :)

Well, I guess in closing I will make sure that next test I take, I will be sure to scope it instead of just printing it. ROFL!!!!!!!

I will not be beat again. Mark K........be afraid now!! I'm gonna "shortly write" my way into the Guiness Book. Hey, besides.....I'm the one with the last name of RECORD. It belongs to me!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and I sure hope to see many of you in Anaheim!!!

(tipping hat with a big smile)

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Comment by Breck Record on July 4, 2008 at 7:05
All I used for the WKT was the RPR sample packet or whatever it is called.....well, that plus 24 years of experience. I'm sure the experience counted for something there, too.
The stuff that always gives me fits on those tests is wanting me to put the apostrophe in the right place to make something possess or not possess or......whatever. LOL
Comment by Breck Record on July 3, 2008 at 19:01

If my seminar doesn't interfere with the CRR test, I am hoping to sit for the CRR at Anaheim. For sure, I will sit for it in November. I'm still in school everyday, time permitting and no jobs on the books early, and gearing up for the CRR and RMR in November.

Trina, hey, that's a good thing that you're going for the RMR. I may not pass it if I don't step up here, but I'm going for it. Good luck to you, ma'am.

Good luck to all who are getting ready for tests, whether you're students or seasoned ol' dogs like me......better add to this.....or young beautiful ageless ladies.

Happy Fourth!!!!!
Comment by Audrey Ricks on July 1, 2008 at 21:30
Congrats on passing the RPR! I waited years into my reporting career to go back for it as well. Are you going to attempt the CRR at the convention? I'm going to wait till this fall ... maybe next spring (I'm traveling this fall). See you in Anaheim!

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