I have been going to The Court Reporting Institute of Dallas (CRID) online since July of 2007. I am currently only at 100wpm and am starting to feel burnt out and like I need more structure and more to rely on than solely self-discipline. I recently checked out The College of Court Reporting (CCR) in Hobart, IN. They were the first school to get an online program, so they've been doing it for a little longer than CRID and from what I've seen on the website, have more structure and organization. Having said that, CRID is still a really good school. Both are approved through NCRA. I'm thinking of transferring to CCR, and my question is basically, SHOULD I? It's a scary decision and I just don't know what the right thing to do is! If anyone has information on either school that you think is beneficial to a person with my situation, I would REALLY appreciate your feedback! Thanks so much!

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Comment by Glen Warner on April 9, 2009 at 23:02
Rachel --

You're welcome ...!

Since it seems your school doesn't know what's what with Phoenix, I thought I'd share a few more tidbits.

For those of you who just finished (Phoenix) Theory, chances are good you are unaware of the (relatively) new Phoenix Theory Contractions update. You can read about it here:


... and here:


You can get the Case Catalyst version of the dictionary here:


... and you can get the .rtf version here:


There's also a way to write names that isn't taught in the theory books ... but there are a couple of documents that tell you how to do it! You can get those here:

Expanding Your Writing Vocabulary

Compound Words

Can't recall which, but one of these has a different method of finger-spelling that you'll want to pick up sometime.

Another book that you're supposed to have when you finish Theory is Speed Plus. You can find them here:


You're probably unaware that there is a medical dictionary as well. Alas, it is not free, but you can get it with the book Beginning Medical Stenoscription

It doesn't say on the description, but you should get TWO CDs with this book: One the audio dictation, and the other, a medical dictionary ... and I've heard that the book arrives sans that dictionary disk more often than not, so make sure the person you order it from over the phone knows that there's supposed to be TWO disks with it.

That book was written to be used in conjunction with the SUM Program.

Should you do decide to do the SUM program to enhance your medical terminology, and you are using Case Catalyst, you will probably need the Case Catalyst Steno Keys job dictionary ... which you can read about here.

Think that ought to do it ...! Don't forget to stop by the Dictionary Updatespage to ensure you have the latest version of the dictionary. If your CAT system doesn't translate /AL /KAEUD /A-U as "Al-Qaeda," then you're missing an update or two!

Good luck ... and feel free to share this with your classmates.

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
Comment by Rachel Zito on April 9, 2009 at 7:31

I will check that book out. Never heard of it, but I'm sadly not surprised that I haven't. I'll share that with my classmates.

And I put that forum into my Favorites. ;) Thank you!
Comment by Glen Warner on April 9, 2009 at 4:54
Rachel --

When I got out of (Phoenix) Theory, I was told to go to the school's store (actually, the front desk) and get a copy of the Quick Reference Dictionary.

This was (and still is!) a rather small book, with nothing but briefs in it.

Even if your instructor doesn't know Phoenix, she should know that all new speed building students need to have that book.

As for resources, have you been to the Phoenix Theory Forum yet? Lots of messages there. Chances are good you can find the answer to any theory-related question just by using the search engine.

Good luck ....

"For a Good (steno) Time ....."
Comment by Rachel Zito on April 8, 2009 at 7:06
Hi, I go to CRID online and have been since last July.

I am actually transferring to CCR either this summer or fall (not sure since our quarter ends in June and CCR's new semester starts in June).

I am transferring because I don't like how "on our own" we are. I just came out of theory and here I am in the 80/100 class and our teacher isn't going to teach us ANYTHING on JC or Testimony...But, I'm sure you know how that goes. She also can't answer any questions because she doesn't know the Phoenix theory...Only StenEd. When a student asked her a question about making a brief, that was her reply and she offered no resources. So, what am I paying money for? No teacher interaction, no teaching, etc.

At CCR, I like how you can login to an on-site classroom and actually participate with them. They treat the online students like they matter just as much as the on-site students. The instructor(s) give you feedback and actually interact with you.

Good luck on your decision.
Comment by Brittany Imler on April 7, 2009 at 16:28
oh, ha ha...the reason why I haven't heard of ACI is because they don't offer online! ha ha I am originally from Arlington though! Too bad I am not there still! I live in Indiana now, and the closest B&M school is an hour and a half away! :(
Comment by Brittany Imler on April 7, 2009 at 16:24
Thanks, Bobbie! I AM probably thinking too much, I do that often! I am always looking for bigger, better, easier things I guess, and I keep feeling like there is a school out there that is going to be that perfect fit for me...FORCING me to practice because they expect more out of me, or I have to physically be in a live classroom, with video and everything. I think if I had more of a demand on me, I would do better and excel faster. Oh, the other thing I guess I should mention is, I am completely open to other online CR schools, as well! I have also been doing research on Bryan. I don't know what ACI is, so I am going to google it right now :) Thanks, again!

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