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Nationally certified???
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Brittany Imler Jun 4, 2008.


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CRID vs. CCR???

I have been going to The Court Reporting Institute of Dallas (CRID) online since July of 2007. I am currently only at 100wpm and am starting to feel burnt out and like I need more structure and more to rely on than solely self-discipline. I recently checked out The College of Court Reporting (CCR) in Hobart, IN. They were the first school to get an online program, so they've been doing it for a little longer than CRID and from what I've seen on the website, have more structure and organization.… Continue

Posted on April 7, 2009 at 15:17 — 6 Comments

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At 18:32 on April 20, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
How funny! I was reading your posts and we both withdrew the same day! Only I really didn't give a reason - and Mr. P's response to me was less than yours - just "good luck". I know that I withdrew, but after nearly $20,000.00 and 18 months of dedicated logging in and emailing him, you'd think I would get a little more input -- you too -- no one said a word - just -okay -you're out. hmmmm....I do feel like a lot of my frustration will be relieved in changing schools.
At 18:09 on April 20, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Britt - can you email me privately at I think I need to talk! LOL!
At 11:18 on April 9, 2009, Rachel Zito said…
I googled reviews for Bryan and came across this one:

I don't know if it's the same location or not, though. THis is the only review I could find so far.
At 22:15 on April 8, 2009, Rachel Zito said…
Wow, that sounds GREAT! I will most definitely give them a call.

I talked to Nikki at CCR, whom I believe is the director of admissions or something like that, and she gave me a 2 week guest pass to login to their board and see how things are. She also explained a bit about how the classes are. I'm not sure if I wrote this on your thread or not, but if not, she said you can login in to the scheduled class times on-site and actually dictate with the class and you can see your instructor on webcam.

Sounds like it might be similar, but I don't know if it has all of what you described.

That school sounds really great, though. Keep me updated and let me know what you decide!

I got to tell you, I can't wait to get away from CRID. I just can't believe how on our own we are there and not to mention, the disorganized Administrative staff! My theory teacher was GREAT (Mr. Sadler...had him for both theory classes), but after that, there's a lot to be desired.
At 19:33 on April 1, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
I've been trying to call CCR tonight and can't get through - why am I moving to Dallas (if I don't get cold feet, because that's a long way to go when it's just you and your daughter....) because I want to go back to the city and Jackie needs to be in Texas schools - she's planning on going to medical school but she needs to have the opportunity for a better high school for a couple of years, first.

So, would you be attending class four nights a week in a video conference? How is the testing set up and do they have Performance Evaluator? Could you give me a little information, I'm still thinking of going -- I'm in the same boat as you -- I hate to trouble you, but I'd really appreciate the help ! Thanks!
At 13:34 on April 1, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Wow! you got more information out of them than I did - Nikki seemed surprised I called and was interested in going -- and they've had open house all this month and I haven't done anything - someone called today - I am so torn - I just don't know what to do! Part of me says to stay at CRID because I will be there (I'm moving because I need to give my children a bigger life and I'm ready to go back now that they are older) - the other part says to jump ship -- I'm really impressed with CCR -- I'm not sure (and I have to run right now, so I will continue this)...
At 9:29 on March 31, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Well, I'm back - so is Tara going to CCR? I spent a lot of time talking to them and going through their website and I WISH I had that at CRID - I really think that CCR has a top notch online program -- and, frankly, I was intending to go ahead and register there, but since I plan on relocating to Dallas (if I don't get cold feet), I am going to stick with CRID. I know that Debra McCarty registered there and I need to see how she's doing and how she likes it -- she said someone else from CRID had gone over -- I'll let you know what I find out.

I did have a chilling conversation with someone the other day -- of the 30 or so that I started out in class with, first semester, only 12 are left -- ughhh......I don't know if that's verifiable, but that's what we came up with -- scary.....
At 9:07 on March 31, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Wow! That was a book, Brit! Congrats on promoting, by the way! Proud of you for that!

Well, I have been through absolute mental hell over school and theory recently -- and then my life changed, drastically, so I'm sticking with CRID. I did a LOT of investigating and I had the same conversation with Mark K. -- too late to go back - so, I'm trying to incorporate his theory as much as I can --

I feel the same way -- If I knew then what I know now, I would not have chosen Phoenix -- it's just too stroke intensive, although it is a logical theory -- but -- I have had a change of heart about many things and am leaving to go to Dallas this summer, so I'm going to stick with CRID -- it's expensive, but, like you, I just don't think that moving is a good idea. Although, at this point in life, I feel like i am going to be paying for school forever!

I talked with CCR and it seems like a really good school, but I don't think the trade off was what I wanted and then I decided to move, soo......

Just keep writing -- it's going to come and we are going to be fine! I hope your quarter is great this time -- who do you have? I still have Mrs. Scoggins and I have to dig in - my last quarter before I lose aid --

Let me know -- have to go for a hearing right now....
At 4:42 on February 18, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Hey, Brit! Is your mom thinking of going to CCR in Indiana? I have been looking into that program and am seriously thinking of changing schools - their online is really terrific and interactive. I have another friend who is transferring there. I was just wondering if you knew what Tara thought of it.
At 8:20 on February 17, 2009, Jeannie Wright said…
Oh, Brit! We are all in the same boat! I still have an 80 to pass, but I think I can do it. Then, of course, I still have the 100's to do -- I'm getting scared - I am going to call Mr. P today. As I understand it, if you took 3 quarters of theory, then, you have 4 quarters to do the 80/100 class and if you don't hit 100 by the end of the 7th quarter, then you are out of aid - is that what you were told? I'm in my 3rd quarter of the 80/100 speed class and, at this point, due to things with my kids and my job, I may need to quit CRID and go to Indiana online - they have a great program and I have two friends who will be starting in 2 weeks there - they are in the same boat as us - they have a much stricter online setting and they have an interactive classroom - you use video and realtime linkup and you are actually in a class and although it's tougher, I think it might be better.

I'm just not sure -- I hope you pass your 100's -- I'll pray for you - I'm going to try and do the same thing -- the need to get through school has suddenly become top priority. So, I'm having to pour on the steam and I just don't know what I'm doing "wrong" that I'm not getting the speed -- I'm sure you feel the same way and I wish I had answers.

I'll let you know anything I find out and I'll keep you in mind.

Tell Tara hello and I'm sure her dogs are lovely - I'm a big shepherd fan (I have an Anatolian right now - she's such a sweetie) -- Take care and I hope you had a really happy Valentine's day!

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