I'm a student, and started last July. I attend school online, and I have had in my mind this entire time throughout school that my school offers a NATIONAL test, so that I can work anywhere, without getting individual certifications from each state. I thought this would be really cool so that I can travel a little when I want to do a case every once in a while, or whatever. After joining this site, I have only seen people that are certified in one or two states. So, does this "national" thing actually exist or am I making it up? ha ha

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There is a national certification. It's called the RPR. However, a lot of states have their own certification, and the RPR won't let you work there, except in Federal Court.
There are several states where you only need an RPR to work. There are also states with no certification requirements at all.
The RPR is wonderful, but it doesn't give you a free pass to work in any state. I wouldn't go into this school thinking it is offering you anything more than any other school. Get you license in the state you are currently living in, unless you know you are going to be relocating very soon. Once you get licensed in your own state you can work on getting your RPR license or a license in another state. But even states that don't require licensing do require some former work, which usually equates some depo/officialship experience, which you can only get with a license. Just a little FYI. Good luck in school, and work hard, get out as quick as possible, and make lots of money!!! Elise
There is no such thing as a "nationalt" certification exam that grants you licensure in all 50 states. Each state has its own exam that you must take in order to work there. Some states have RPR reciprocity which means if you have the RPR that state will accept it and grant you the certification. New Jersey is state that does that. California and Texas are examples of state that do not do that.

If you school is telling you they offer a "national test" they are misleading you and anyone who attends the school.
what state do you live in?
Well, I live in Indiana, but my school is in Dallas, TX (I'm an online student). So it sounds like what my school is talking about is the RPR. I am going to e-mail them today to ask them specifically. I am also about to look up what Indiana's requirements are...I'm not THAT close to being finished with school or anything, but it's time to know what in the world is going on! ha ha


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