Is anyone familiar with the company Focus Forward Trascription? If so, do you have any insight or opinion about them? Thanks.

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Comment by Jennie Ann on September 18, 2009 at 7:26
I checked out the website, and it is very informative and easy to navigate. If I understand it right, this seems to be a network offering a wide variety of services, one being transcription.

It states they have over 100 transcriptionists nationwide ready to take on jobs.

This might be a great organization. I have not heard of them. I would be curious of how they deal with quality control.

Working in-house myself in a transcription pool earlier in my career, it was very helpful to have shared research, working collaboratively within the confines of our office. It enhanced consistency, ensured confidentiality, and allowed us to focus on perfection.

I am not a fan of outsourcing work to multiple sources because I have seen the end product when audio files are split with multiple people doing the same job.

I have myself, however, received transcription support on various jobs of mine, but I have had to proof every single word. Sometimes, especially with unknown entities and newbies, I could have transcribed the job myself much quicker.

Focus Forward Transcription may have measures in place to address consistency and accuracy. I may give them a call myself sometime. I am looking forward to hearing from others.

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