The year starts off like a pair of new shoes. They feel stiff, you don't know what to expect from them, and that's it you're stuck with them. 2008 for me startee off with new goals and aspirations, along the way there were rough spots and some things just stayed with me the whole year refusing to go away; an unresolved issue without any answer. To say the least I've spent the past year in a funk although seemingly I've been upbeat and optimistic. I guess I'm good at keeping up appearances. I tried going down new avenues professionally, some worked out; some didn't. That's been well documented here. I achieved a high level of certification, set and achieved new goals. That for which I am happy. But for the whole year, because of my egotistical attitude, under the guise of trying to lead and show the way -- guess my leadership style needs fine tuning -- I was at odds with a coworker. This followed me around the whole year and caused me to second guess myself in a lot of ways in my professional life. This feeling sucked the life out of me. I don't like conflict with people, sure I'll mix it up when it comes to the profession and fighting for court reporters, but I don't like the B.S. office stuff which causes conflict between professionals. Well, it's resolved and thus a chapter in my life comes to an end and a new chapter begins.

So, this year, like an old friend, leaves my life and with it all the bad energy going out the door. A new friend enters the scene and with it comes new energy and new horizons, challenges, and goals.

Good-bye old friend...

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