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At 10:18 on July 25, 2009, Teresa Russ said…
Hi Linda. I enjoyed your photos. Very nice. How is everything? I'm waiting for my results from the July 26 CSR Exam in California. August 7th or sooner is the date when we are supposed to get our results. I started doing administrative hearings, and I'm excited about that. I plan to take the RPR again in November. By practicing for the RPR, it helped me to pass my 225 testimony, so I'm happy about that. I hope you're doing well. You seem to be a positive person, so my guess is you're doing whatever is sensible to accomplish your goals. Let me know.
At 10:11 on July 4, 2009, Eutko said…
Hi Linda, long time no type to! (That made me laugh. I thought it was original) How have you been? I hope all is going well with you seeing as how I have not checked this site in a moment.

Guess what? I just passed my qualifier, and I am on my way to the state exam in October! Yippeee! I can't wait until we can both celebrate! Be Blessed!
At 11:43 on June 25, 2009, Vicki McHugh said…
Linda, I noticed you were looking for paper. I have a whole box I'd be willing to give you if you pay the shipping. It hasn't even been opened. I have a paperless machine. If you want to email me with your address, I'll be happy to find out how much the shipping would be. My email is
At 20:52 on June 3, 2009, Teresa Russ said…
I almost fo got to ask you. How are things going with?
At 20:50 on June 3, 2009, Teresa Russ said…
Hi Linda, thx for asking. The RPR wasn't bad, but I don't know whether I passed or not. It was a positive experience. I'll take the CSR this month.
At 7:51 on May 21, 2009, Joan Hurtis said…
Hi Linda,
I just joined the Weight Watchers group on CSR Nation, and I just started back on Weight Watcher about 3 weeks ago. I also started with the healthy approach in mind and am trying the vegan way of life. It is really different, but I have lost about 7 lbs. and feel so much better. About the Vegan eating, I read the book by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin called "Skinny Bitch." don't let the title throw you, it had a fun, candid, approach to it, with a bit of colorful language thrown in, mostly to really get a point across. But the book does a great job explaining the vegan eating approach and is quite graphic in it's description of what's in the food we eat, and how farmed animals are feed, processed and treated. It will definitely help you not want to eat meat!!!
I found it really informative, and you need to treat the language with a sense of humor.
Just wanted to say hi and let you know you're not the lone vegan out there, I am still working on it, but I have only had a couple of servings of fish in the last month, I'm not there yet. It sure stretches you WW point out to go vegan, that's the part that's worth it.....Joan
At 22:37 on May 6, 2009, DivaCRStudent said…
Hey, Linda,

So glad you decided on training for this profession. Let's do lunch one of these days since we're always in passing on campus.

At 9:26 on May 5, 2009, Eutko said…
Linda, Hello!

My babies are doing fine, thank you for asking.

Good job with all of the typing you have been doing. Credit or no credit, it all makes you a better writer.

So, I am curious to know...are you going camping with you machine or not? Curious minds want to know.
At 20:10 on April 30, 2009, Katiana Ball said…
Well, I had deleted my myspace, because I had noooo selfcontrol. So I would be on it all night and day, when I should have been practicing. Well, it helped, and I graduated from school two weeks later. <3
At 19:54 on April 30, 2009, Jena Macato said…
Hi Linda,
Yeah. That's just the way it goes. I started class with 14, and I know of 6 that stuck with it, including me, to date.

But I don't do court; I do depos :D. I sat in court a lot when I was waiting for my results, but I needed more flexibility with my lil' ones. But work is going great. It seems to be picking up a little. I'm actually getting a little overwhelmed at the moment.

How's class? Going well I hope.
At 21:39 on April 29, 2009, Eutko said…
Hi Linda,

Saw your face on the home page of CSRnation and I had to give you a shout-out!! Hope all is going well!!!!
At 20:58 on April 23, 2009, Tracy Ellison said…
Hi Linda,
I've been in class I'm just not reading this quarter for any of the classes since they all kind of conflicted timewise. All I'm doing is grading Mrs. nottoli's theory homework for her students, but I'm hoping Mrs. Reindl will let me do some extra reading in the Summer quarter... See you in the lab!
At 22:53 on April 22, 2009, Teresa Russ said…
Hi Linda, thx for adding me. I'm excited for you. I've met some of the nicest
people/friends during my journey. I am a cheerleader for CR. Keep praying and God will see you through the challenging times.
At 17:36 on April 22, 2009, Eutko said…
Linda Girl!!! You are showing out on me! I am loving the new pics. I see that you, too, have a picture of your sparkly toes just like I do. And then you bust out on me with your cruise photos. Are you my sister? Also, I love the picture of you with the twists in your hair. That is my next style. Congrats on your 70! See I knew you were a star!
At 21:58 on April 21, 2009, Eutko said…
Hi, Linda! Thanks for adding me to your page. And great job on passing your 60's! May I make one request of you? Please hang in there. If you haven't yet noticed, this is not the easiest thing in the world to do. But it certainly is not the hardest. Your smile tells me you can do it. As for my cruise, I went to the beautiful Bahamas. It was so amazing! Mostly because I was there with my girlfriends laughing and dancing and eating. Good times. Good times. How do you like Humphreys?

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