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At 7:14 on August 19, 2015, Angie Culberson said…

Hi, Lisa!  Please contact me: 214-459-2696; thank you!

At 8:34 on February 22, 2012, Christine Keller said…

Hi Lisa,

Good Morning!

You and I spoke back in December about your interest in getting a new paperless machine. We went over the differences between the Wave and the Diamante...just curious if your were still thinking about investing in either one of them?  Please give me a call when you have a chance, 800.323.4247 ext. 5471.  Thank you!

At 14:02 on January 13, 2010, Lisa Knight said…
Hey there, girlfriend! Got your friend request. I am rarely on CSR nation but glad to be your friend here nonetheless! Still in Seoul - it's FREEZING here! It's a balmy 2 degrees below this morning! Yikes!
At 9:28 on December 23, 2009, Janet said…
Hi Lisa,

I miss my zoo. Years ago, I had three dogs, six cats, a horse and a pony. I have asthma and was allergic to all of them. I volunteered at a cat shelter, too. There wasn't enough medication to keep me breathing.

Are all of your dogs the same breed?

At 7:58 on December 23, 2009, Kelli Combs (admin) said…
Hello, Lisa

Wow, I thought I had a zoo. I have two dogs and four cats. Ten dogs, that's a lot of work. Good for you. I love to meet people that love animals as much as myself. My husband put his foot down and said I cannot have any more animals; 6 is my limit.
At 5:49 on December 23, 2009, Court Reporters Clearinghouse said…
Hi Lisa G: those mountains are calling me ...
At 21:16 on August 13, 2008, Michelle R. Williamson, CSR said…
Howdy, Lisa!!

Just wanted to thank you for your help getting me ready for the LiveNote Stream Manager depo next week. And I hope that we'll get to work together more in the future!

Michelle :)
At 19:07 on August 6, 2008, Jamie K. Israelow said…
Hi, Lisa.

I hardly ever get on here. Same town and I don't hardly know any reporters except those in my little circle at work. Now that I'm an officer of DCRA, I've been meeting a lot more people. Life and work are super busy so not sure when I'll be back on here, but good to meet you.

At 19:09 on March 19, 2008, Stacy Wages said…
Hello Texas!
At 16:59 on March 19, 2008, Brenda Rogers said…
you changed your picture! i was wondering who this new person was on my page. lol
At 16:23 on March 19, 2008, Kelli Combs (admin) said…
hi lisa, just a heads up, if you want to make sure Bill gets your comment click on "comment back" under his comment to leave it on his page.
At 16:13 on March 19, 2008, Lisa Gretarsson said…
Yes, that is exactly what I'm running. I have the Boot Camp partition set up with XP, then I have Fusion pointing to the Boot Camp partition and all seems to work beautifully, BUT for the fact that it seems to frequently hang up while shutting down Windows, both in Fusion as well as through Boot Camp. Any ideas what may be causing this? I've reloaded both programs four times and the problem still exists.
At 16:07 on March 19, 2008, Bill Flannigan said…
Don't know if you've tried this, but i'm running it on my MacBook Pro and it opens and runs my Win XP flawlessly, even when the Mac OS X is running.

here's the link-

Evaluate VMware Fusion - VMware
Note: VMware does not offer technical support for evaluations. After your evaluation license has expired, you can purchase VMware Fusion.
At 15:57 on March 19, 2008, Bill Flannigan said…
Sorry, don't have a V-Brick. I can stream audio and video live, but not, at this point, a LiveNote stream. I have signed up for a Certified Media Expert training course that specifically uses LiveNote Streaming, but that course won't be for a couple months. In any case, if you would like to talk more about my streaming applications then please contact me at or call me at 310-920-1108.

Thanks and I look forward to the possibility of working together in the future.



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