Does anyone use this? Do you recommend it?

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I purchased it right after the CA convention. I've used it for several hours only. I'd say it's helping build my dictionary, which is good. The only thing I don't enjoy is the bad acting.
Hi Patricia,

I just signed up for the Webinar. I believe it is worth the $49, even if you just try it for free for one month. I have used it before, and it helped me with my writing. I also needed to get away from those boring tapes.

Is it pretty easy to use?
I'm asking because there's a webinar about it. I wouldn't want to spend the $50, though, if I can easily figure it out myself.

It is very easy to use. You get a 30-day trial period with the Webinar, otherwise, it is very expensive to purchase. You can find out more information on the NCRA Website.
I'm a big fan or RTC and I credit it, and my hard work and practing, for passing the CRR in 2007.
Patricia, did you ever try Realtime Coach? My CR pal Lorna Brodie just found out this morning that she won one free year of Realtime Coach because she has been practicing so much lately! Yay for Lorna!!!

She told me it's really, really helped her writing, and she's added tons of words to her main dix - a super bonus for future accurate realtime!
I just went to the site for Realtime Coach. There were several different prices.

I didn't seen anything for $49.00 though.


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