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My name is Brenda. I just passed two-180's. One with a 95.7 and the other with a 97. I am now getting ready to start my internship. I have to choose a software. I am already overwhelmed with the decisions I will soon have to make. So, I'm asking my first question. Which software should I invest in? Help. Thanks. Brenda

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Brenda, I really don't have any experience with StenoCat, but I used Case CATalyst as a reporter and I use it now as a scopist, and I can tell you that it is very user-friendly. I actually ended up training myself on it through the tutorial and just playing around. That's just my two cents. Congratulations on being almost finished up with school. I remember those days!
Thanks Sabrina for your two cents. I appreciate it. My nerves are in high speed right now. I'm terrified right now. I know it's a process of what is to come next, and I know it will all be worth it in the end, but right now. woooffff. am scared, nervous, you name it, that is me. Thank you.
Brenda..I've used CC for...well, forever. I started way back in the Xcribe days. I really like CC and it's problem free concept. HOWEVER, I have also taught a number of the other programs. CC is the high end price-wise. StenoCat is a great program. Maybe you should decide what writer first. A great way to become familiar is to go to a vendor show, like at one of the conventions. I am really interested in the LightScribe...but in school, not sure you should go that way, would mess up your stroking. Those are the kinds of things you need to think about. Price, utility (what writer/software can offer), and how you like to stroke, whether light/heavy. What kind of machine feels good to you. At the convention you can see them all and write on the machines. Nothing to be afraid of. Some even have a rent program...try it, don't like it, switch. What do you want from your software. Are you going to realtime? THen go for something that has useful software with that. A lot of them have good aspects. Both CC and Eclipse are good...I'm just partial to CC.

Just off the cart and say get my feet wet...am gonna have FUN!!
Thanks Patricia for your input. It's greatly appreciated. I can use all the feedback I can get. I'll keep you updated. Again, thank you so much.

I'd look at either Eclipse or CC. Interview them both and decide which one's best for you.

Me? I prefer Eclipse. I LOVE Eclipse. I've been in this profession 25 year and I can't say that for any other CAT vendor.
Brenda, I started with Stenocat when I got out of school 17 years ago and I just switched to Case Catalyst last year and OMG!!! what a difference. Case Catalyst does so much more....it's awesome. I would definitely go with the Case Catalyst and a lot of the agencies have CaseCat which is helpful, but it's just great. It has taken off a lot of editing time...I can't explain it, but it remembers how you edit, so it automatically picks the conflicts for you to make it make sense in the sentence. Have someone come to your home to give you a presentation....you will see how great it is. I always wanted to switch in the past, but didn't want to shell out the money, but last year I finally had to because I was working on a huge realtime case and an update of Stenocat got installed and it was messing up my realtime, so I finally bit the bullet and switched because I didn't want to lose the case, and I'm so happy that I did. As usual, I have to be forced to do something to realize "why did I wait so long".....so congrats on almost finish. I think it's good that you are going to get it while in school so you start building your dictionary and also have time to learn the software so that when you start working, you have already mastered on how to use the software because you don't want to get a long job and then also have to figure out how to edit ---- trust me, that's no picnic!!.

Congrats and always know you can come on here to ask all your questions.
Oh, also, if you haven't gotten a writer yet....go for the Elan Mira or the new Elan (whatever it is called). It has a very soft touch and you can write all day and not get tired. I also was forced to finally get that also when my Stentura 8000 died on me.

Again, good luck.
Thank you, Arielle,
For your input and encourgament. I needed it. It was nice to hear. I am learning so much from these forums. Thanks to you all.
Thank you Cassandra for the reminder ----

Remember I had said I had to get Case Catalayst because I was forced to because things were going wrong with the Stenocat or I would lose this case ---- well, it literally was at the last minute --- Stenograph offered me the full version of the software, but I make quarterly payments on it and they give me a code for the use of the software for the next 90 days, until I make the next payment, until the whole software is paid off and then they send me the key.

That's another way to do it.
Cassandra, you are right on abuot everything you said --- don't get into debt. You can buy equiptment on ebay which is great. Agencies usually have things to that they will help you with. And try not to finance it because you will end up paying double for it.

Very smart advice Cassandra!! There's always ways to get around doing that --- like I said, Stenogragh wanted to sell me that software, so they found a way.
Thank you, Cassandra.

That is definitely good information to know. And thank you for your encouragement. It's highly appreciated.
Nice way to put it, Casey!


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