Well, work is winding down so I'm actually having some time to watch TV at night.  Last night I started watching Downton Abbey.  It's a series that is currently on PBS.  I think it's in season 3 on TV.  I am starting from episode 1 and streaming it on Netflix.  OMG, it's really good.  It's a total thumbs up.  How about you?  Have you seen anything you would like to share?

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I just saw "Undefeated."  It is a documentary you can stream on Netflix.  Fabulous story.  If you think you've got it tough, watch this movie.

Oh, that sounds like a good one.  I'll have to check out  "Undefeated."  I love to stream from Netflix.  I've been watching "Orange is the New Black."  That's pretty good.  Apparently a true story.

Hi, Kelli, I like Orange is the New Black too!!!

Which one do you think is better?  Undefeated or O is the new B?

I've been watching "Almost Human" of late (http://sharetv.com/shows/almost_human).  They just added John Larroquette to the cast as a "Big Bad," as they used to say in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Last night was his debut.  It was quite the episode!

You should try watching it from the first episode, though ....

Also year(s) behind. Ha ha. On Netflix:
Attack on Titan, Call the Midwife, Dexter, Princess Jellyfish -- in that order. Titan and Jellyfish are anime. Oh, and Zoolander, hilarious movie if you like goofy!

For the last show of the season, my daughter has a Downton Abbey party and we all try to dress as one of the characters and serve tea and scones, etc.  It's fun!  We love the series.


I LOVE Downton Abbey!!!  Great idea for a party.

Anyone watched this Bates Motel yet?  I was wondering if it will be cheesey or scary series.  Not seen it yet.  Sort of into the Walking Dead with Zombies.  Never thought I'd watch a show like this but it's entertaining.

I am going to try out The Americans.  It is a spy/double agent show on Fx.  I love Keri Russell and she is in it.  The new season starts tonight.

If anyone hasn't seen Breaking Bad, I've been watching it.  Though the storyline would not be something I would pick, the writing, directing and acting is just awesome.  It's got me totally hooked.  I like this better than House of Cards and Mad Men.

Kerry, "Breaking Bad" is the best series ever!!  I absolutely loved it.  I got my mom hooked too.  I'm now going through with drawls because no other series out there even comes close to BB. Very disappointing that they had to shut it down.


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