Hello all!! I am a reporter in NY. Been getting offers for 
Work for an agency called HUSEBY. Our in texas and north
Carolina. Anyone heard/worked for them?
Appreciate any info 

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Yes, they're awesome to work for!

Thank you!


I work with Huseby too.  They're great!

Agree.  Huseby is great to work for.  Good work, good rates, and fast pay.

thanks for the reply!!

I live in NY, too and my friend from NC works for them.  She recommended them to me.  I sent them my info, but haven't heard back yet.  Did you contact Texas or NC?

they actually contacted me. Someone who I have worked with recommended me.

Jessica is the person from calendar who has been e-mailing me. hope that helps

Thanks Joelle.

I spoke to someone else.  I have actually been pretty busy the last two weeks, but they are highly recommended.


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