It's that time again. Don't forget -- except you people in AZ and HI, of course. :)

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Hey, look who has a face, no more skeleton. Looks better. Thanks for the reminder.
Wait Jeanese, you can't do it now, you have to wait until 2:00 in the morning to do it. Otherwise you screw up everybody's clock. Everybody has to do it at the same time.
LOL Phil! Does that mean I change mine at 11pm my time? :P

Oh, something that is all too easy to forget to do is to change the Stentura clock! Mine was always wrong for the first depo after the time change. grrrrrr!
Fall back, right??

Thanks for the reminder, Brenday. Can't wait to lose an hour's worth of sleep. :)
No no, Tami! You gain an hour in the fall! :D
You FALL back, SPRING ahead (or is it FALL ahead, SPRING back?)
Am I driving everybody crazy? (Good!)
Troublemaker! LOL
Then how isn't that falling forward??

Good thing I'm married to a numbers guy. He does all the math problems in the house, and I cover the English. :)

AND . . . I have one of those smart clocks that sets itself. How sweeet is that!

(My husband got me that too.)
If you worked nights, you'd get it, Tams! LOL At 2:00 you turn the clocks back -- and you have to work the 1:00 to 2:00 hour OVER again!! Extra hour. In the spring, when you go forward at 2:00, it's now 3:00 and you work an hour less.

For the rest of us, it's sleep not work, but same concept. :P
Guess I'll have to ask my girl in Key West if she worked an extra hour tonight. :)


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