Is it possible to make a Word document from an ASCII file?

I have an attorney requesting a Word document?  How do you do that?  I'm on CC.



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I send them a Page Image ASCII and tell them to open it in Word.

If you can export the file to RTF, that is a Word file.


It used to be easy as pie with old Word software.  You would just go into Word and click on import, and then find the aschi file on your computer and import it into Word.  Worked beautifully!

I haven't figured out how to do it on later office/Word software.  But it worked beautifully on my old version of Office 2000.  Maybe 2003, too. 

 A reporter I have done some scoping for is on CaseCat.  I am using Word.  She exports her text as RTF.  I get it.  I finish it off as an askii and email it to her.  On my Word, I do the SAVE AS. 

What you can do is take your askii, and export it to Word as a RTF.  Yes, RTF is Word.  Sometimes the formatting changes.

Keep in mind, once you have given someone something in Word, it's theirs to change.  I would give it to them in a PDF.

The reason why some attorneys do not always want a PDF is because they want to copy and paste portions of testimony into their motions that they're preparing for the court.  It's not necessarily for a devious reason.

ASCII - there is no K.

Open Word.

Choose "Open" in Word.

Browse to the ASCII file.

In the box next to the "File Name" box, choose "All Files."

Select the ASCII file and "Open."

The formatting should be retained. If you get a blank page with only the page number on it, reduce the margins.

"Save as" Word document.

Margin settings below work well to retain formatting in ASCII:

Top: 0.75"

Left: 0.81"

Bottome: 0"

Right: 0.9"

Wow Quyen, thanks.  I'll have to try that.  Couldn't figure out how to do it anymore with new versions of Word.

Yes, thanks, Quyen!  I wish they had a "Like" button on this forum :-)  

Thanks to all of you for the information.  I really appreciate it.



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