Is Mark Golden's leadership idea of NCRA board members championing ideas good for NCRA?

One of Mark Golden's leadership techniques is called "Championing Ideas" where he has had the board adopt a policy of having particular board members champion an idea and give that idea all the positive attributes possible.

That technique of championing ideas can be Googled and found at

The stated purpose of the technique is to influence others to adopt your ideas.

I question if such a leadership technique is appropriate for the running of the affairs of NCRA when there is no attempt to present a critical analysis of the ideas championed which are championed for the specific purpose of influencing others to adopt your ideas.

Bill Parsons

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Bill (he says, knowing that he's wasting his breath introducing facts into a Bill Parsons thread),

that is exactly the opposite definition of "championing ideas" as used by the NCRA Board.

Adam D. Miller
Director, NCRA
It's also very interesting this concept of "Championing of Ideas" is used by the Horseplayers Association of North America.

To view their use of championing of ideas, go to

It would be interesting to know how many boards of directors across the country use this concept of championing of ideas in a competent running of their businesses.

Bill Parsons
It's also interesting to note the following rationale for "Championing of Ideas" as set forth by the Horseplayers Association of North America.

"We have no paid staff. We have four or five people doing this in their spare time."

It would appear that a policy developed for a group with no paid staff and only 4 or 5 leaders may not be a policy that would be suited to an association with a paid staff and a budget of several million dollars.

Speaking of facts, does any board member care to comment on the statement put forth by the president of NCRA that the JCR Court Reporter Listing ad rates couldn't be raised for 12 years because the advertisers would have cancelled their ads and that those ads must sell for 1/2 their market value as a service to NCRA freelance agency owner members? A service being given a specific group of members equaling a benefit of over $1,000 per year per freelance agency owner member who buys the discounted ads?

Does any board member care to comment on the amount members dues have had to be raised to cover the generosity of the board in setting ad policies that sell ads for 50% of their market value?

Bill Parsons
Twenty years ago I conceived a great, great improvement to the NCRA Journal of Court Reporting Court Reporter Listings ad section.

There were as many as 38 California ads listed in absolutely no order with Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco ads and ads for smaller sized cities listed in a total mish-mash which gave extremely poor service to those looking for ads for specific cities and gave extremely poor service to the ad buyers.

I sent a series of letters to a couple of hundred JCR Court Reporter Listing advertisers asking their support in adopting a color-coded geographic listing of those ads by city so that the ads would be user-friendly and give the advertisers the best most excellent service for the advertising dollars they were paying.

Then I ran into NCRA boards and staffs running an association as a personality cult with NO business standards.

Since that time 20 years ago when I put forth my idea for improving the JCR Court Reporter Listing ad section NCRA boards and staff have put forth whatever baseless thoughts entered their mind to oppose my and my supporters' proposal for improving the ad section by using color-coded geographic listing by city of the ads.

NCRA boards and staffs showing a total lack of business sense put forth nonsense statements which had absolutely no basis in logic and fact.

The NCRA board's and staff's putting forth actual lies to oppose my proposal I say are corruption and incompetence.

The members of NCRA need an association run on high business standards and not an association board and staff that have and are putting forth baseless opposition to my original proposal akin to lies.

I estimate NCRA has lost $2,000,000 in advertising revenue in the last 20 years, and today the JCR Court Reporter Listing ad section has been run into the ground by the corrupt and incompetent running of that ad section by NCRA boards of directors and staff.

In each current issue of JCR 8 full pages of JCR Court Reporter Listing ads have been lost since there were 260 such ads 20 years ago, and we have an association run with no business standards which can only put forth lies to cover their corruption and incompetence in running the association as a "Cult of Pesonality" with no business standards.

Bill Parsons
I have have had one NCRA official call me a hateful person for pursuing the correction of what are corrupt and incompetent actions and policies of the NCRA board of directors and staff.

Needless to say such attacks by NCRA officials are designed to impugn and degrade me personally.

Let me say there is no hatred in my attempting to correct and improve the National Court Reporters Association by having them adopt policies that would make them millions of dollars more in income.

Rather my goals are to attempt to see great things and good things done for the members of the National Court Reporters Association. The best interests of the members seem to have been lost in all the attempts of NCRA officials to degrade and impugn me.

Bill Parsons
The conservative estimate of a $2,000,000 loss of advertising income to NCRA is based on the loss of 8 full pages of advertisers, i.e. 96 advertisers per issue, and the underpricing of the ads at 50% of their market value.

The $2,000,000 loss does not take into consideration the fact there has not been an increase in the total number of ads over the last 20 years as one might have expected if the advertisers had been given good, excellent service in the form of a color-coded geographic listing of ads by city as is the customary practice for listing such ads.

Bill Parsons
I appreciate and value the information you share, Bill. :)


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