Is this something new? I posted two replies yesterday and one today in response to existing threads here and both times got a message that my reply had to be approved. The two from yesterday finally showed up but the new reply hasn't.

I don't post often here, but this has only happened recently. Is this going to be the norm for all my messages? If so, I'm outta here.

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What a nice, detailed message you posted to me. Thanks so much!

You know, I think my disconnect here is thinking all messages here are on the home page are just like any other forum -- they're just messages to all looking for a reply. I've never used Facebook or MySpace, so I never even realized there was a difference between the "blog" messages here and the "forum" messages here. (I'll describe that more in my reply to Monti.)

I don't even know how to determine if someone has a "private page." If I did, I wouldn't bother replying. Not being rude, but my time is valuable, too, so why waste the effort
well, here is a solution i would like to run by you guys.

Blogs in nature are personal opinions, the user should have complete control of it.. just like any other blog system out there.
The reason *some* people use it is because it has a lot of visibility on the homepage.
maybe if I move it down a bit and raise the discussion up a bit more to make it more visible.

what you guys think?
Works for me, Monti. I think people do use it because it's right there.


As I just told Tami, my disconnect here is that I never realized there was a difference here between blog messages and forum messages. (I've never used Facebook or MySpace or perhaps I would've known.)

I think the perfect solution is just to put something in the FAQ section explaining that if you post something in the Forum part, you'll get quicker replies since they don't have to be "approved." And then explain how blogs are subject to the individual blogger's discretion as to which replies they're going to read or however it works.

Blogs in nature are personal opinions, the user should have complete control of it.. just like any other blog system out there.>>

I don't know since I'm not into blogging. But isn't the whole idea of any reporting-related forum to seek and/or give personal opinions?

So am I correct, then, in saying that if I respond to a blog question, I run the risk of it having to get approved? If so, I don't think it's worth the time it takes to reply as that "approval" message is really off-putting.
ok, i made some changes.
I placed the classifieds where the blogs used to be, this way its the most visible on the site.
The forum is in your face! if you want to get lots of response from people you have no other option but to post on it.

events are now less visible and blogs are now a personal system that people can only see if:-
1- they click on the blog tab on the top.
2- you see your friends blog on their pages.

we will see less blogging and more "forum-ing".
we shall see how it goes.
Oh, my, what a change! It definitely puts the emphasis on Forum messages.
Thanks, Monti!
I like the look of the Main Page on the forum. Bravo on the change! Change is good sometimes. :)
Looks good, Monti!
Yes, I agree, Monti!

Thank you, too, Karen, for the discussion!!


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