Stenograph $150 fee to set up new computer even for customers under maintenance contracts

This is my letter to my Stenograph Rep regarding this subject.

Hi, Steve,
As you know I have been a loyal customer of Stenograph for over 15 years.  I want to talk to you about something that is popping up in internet threads.  Is it correct that Stenograph is now charging customers that are under support an extra $150 to assist in setting up a new computer?  I have to tell you that is offensive to me.
I would like to know who I can speak to at the top about this.  This is a mistake on your company's part.  Like court reporters you are in a service industry.  When you start nickle and diming people ($150 is not a small amount of money), you will lose market share.  As I'm sure you have heard, your company does not have a good reputation in the customer service.  I myself always defend your company and I personally have almost always had a good experience and have been willing to overlook the few times I have not had a satisfactory experience.
If you do not change this policy, I will no longer promote your products to other reporters.  As you know, word of mouth is the best advertising.
I cannot emphasize how much I believe this is a HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake on your part.  I strongly urge you to reconsider.      
Best regards,
Janiece Young

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I'd be shocked if SG is actually picking & choosing what question to answer of someone who has a yearly support contract. If I called tomorrow for help on any of the issues that have been mentioned like mic or RT, both of which could involve USB issues, I'm sure I'd get the help I needed, whether it's my current computer or a new computer.  I have a yearly business hour support contract.  So far this is just hearsay. 

Good luck with that, Janiece.  I doubt SG is going to make any changes.  I doubt "Steve" even is involved in this decision to charge reporters this rate.  Like you said, SG does not have the best reputation for helping people in any way, shape or form.

Let us know what feedback you get from Steve.  I'm curious.

Thanks, Kellie, I will let you know.  I have not heard anything so far.

This is what I asked a SG rep on another forum.

JANIECE:  What if you load your own software onto the computer, transfer your USR over and just need assistance with a few minor issues like power settings and getting the mic settings correct? Is there a charge for that kind of thing if you are under a maintenance agreement?

STENOGRAPH REP:   No, there should not be a charge for something simple like adjusting the mic settings or minor issues involving power settings. This is meant for someone that needs lengthy detailed assistance. The reason for this is to allow for speedier support times.

Okay.  That makes sense, I guess.

Good, exactly what I thought.   It's not at all unreasonable.  Even though we pay for support, we still have to hire people to help us with things like auto-indexing and, yes, if you're a neophyte and have no clue what to do with a new computer, there's people available to help with that, too.


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