I searched for this discussion and couldn't find it.  It may have been on the other site.  Some of us were posting views out the windows from our conference rooms.  

Today at the site I was at you could look down to another building's roof top.  They had painted a chess board on top of the roof.  When the weather is nice they have giant chess pieces that people use to play chess on this giant board.  Kinda neat.

This is in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

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Fantastic!  Adorable!!

Yeah, I think it was on the other website where that conversation took place.  Here is the view from the other day from my conference room.  Pretty cool.  Not that yours is not amazing, Janiece!!  LOL

Where was this at, Kelli?  That's a beautiful building, and the view behind it is nice, too.

Somewhere in San Francisco.  Sure is beautiful! 

Thanks, Kelli.

The one you posted is beautiful.  I thought this was so neat when we were doing it before that we should start it up again.  The idea is for everyone to post.  It's fun to see where everyone goes.

It's a view from San Francisco on California street. Those women look very ominous when the fog rolls through them. They have no faces under their scarves, or whatever you want to call them.  I get the most amazing views all the time.  I usually send them to may dad and my husband.  I'll find another around here somewhere.

This is a view from 555 California at Sidley Austin, San Francisco.  I feel pretty special to look at views like this on a seriously regular basis.  Crazy!!

Here is another one from a couple of weeks ago.

Kelly -- I'm like you, getting to see every great view in San Francisco all the time.  I consider it one of the perks of our job!  I love those ladies on that building on CA Street.  What a great architectural flourish.

I live in Wine Country and get to drive through the vineyards all the time to jobs.  And when I go to San Francisco,  I  drive across the Golden Gate Bridge.  I always say:  People come from all over the world to see my commute to work!  

View of Miami Bay


Beautiful picture, Michele!

Thanks, Janet.

I need to carry my camera as opposed to cell phone to really do it justice.  I love the downtown Miami jobs when they're above the 15th floor on the bay.  I usually pick a seat that allows me to look out the window.  There's always boats going by, sometimes you can see the port with the cruise ships; the airport is close as well, so there's planes.

Have a nice holiday weekend. : )

Michelle, that's a beautiful picture.   Doesn't even look real.  Very nice.  Come on everyone, post your pictures of your view here. This is fun!!


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