Who are the attorneys who do not pay you?  What are the agencies that do you pay you?

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Ramona, I seen you asked a question about a certain company of nonpayment.  If Kelli hasn't already sent you a message, you can email me at bigrotoo@aol.com, and I will answer your question with the knowledge that I have about that particular agency.


I've seen that, too.   This is very important stuff.

I've read about all the troubles CSR's have had to get paid by agencies, the run-arounds, the delays, et cetera.   The certain agency near LA, California has had comments about its ethics  posted on CSR Nation since 2009.  The agency CEO has not changed her ways.  Is there any way us reporters can unite in a class action of some kind?

If there's been numerous complaints about one agency, gather their names and do something!   

Do not take out-of-state job assignments where the depos are located in your area.  I made the mistake of signing on Linked-in.  A New Jersey agency solicited my services for a huge employment litigation, about 400 pages in one day.  I provided my service, the transcript, and billed the agency.  After three months, and multiple conversations, still no payment for my services.  I subsequently retained a New Jersey lawyer, who sent a demand letter.  No response from the agency.  I sued in California under the theory the job took place here, they solicited my services multiple times.  The judge shot me down, cited the CCP, and dismissed my case without prejudice.  She said I would have to fly to New Jersey and file my claim there.  I took a loss on my taxes to the tune of about $1600, which includes all of my filing fees and attorney's fees.  If you take an out-of-state job for an agency, make sure you get a check up front and that it clears before the deposition.  I strongly believe out-of-state agencies use Linked-In to find reporters to take depos in other states and have no intention of paying the reporter.  What happened to the professionalism we saw 20 years ago?  It's long gone.  Keep your assignments local and in the same state so you have some recourse in the legal system for nonpayment.


What a disgusting story about that NJ agency.  Did they go bankrupt? Are they still in business?   Do you have any reason to not reveal their name?  So your NJ lawyer sends a demand letter and they just ignore it.  Did this lawyer have no other ideas?   I live in NJ.  Maybe contact the CSR board?

New Jersey State Board of Shorthand Reporting   973-504-6490  FAX 609-648-3536


Maybe you should go public with this agency?  This is just outrageous!


Hi Marge, thanks for you concern.  I am still so incensed about this matter.  It's bad enough we have clients who don't pay us, but now we have to worry about agencies, who are supposed to be part of our team to provide excellent client service.

I thought about really going strong against the agency, but I didn't for two reasons.  One, they are incorporated and, thus, hide behind the veil of separation.  Two, I didn't want any retaliation against me and my license.  It is very expensive and time-consuming to prove you are the innocent victim if someone chooses to be vindictive.  So, I will just write all the expenses off as a loss on my taxes.

The agency is Rosenberg & Associates, Inc., 425 Eagle Rock Avenue, Suite 201, Roseland, NJ 07068.  I took the depo for them on 12/11/13.  It was an employment matter against Macy's and went all day to the tune of about 309 pages.  Right up against Christmas it was due, and by golly I did it for the client.  The Law Office of Matthew H. Sontz, LLC, in Westfield, NJ, handled the legal maneuvering for me and he was great.  He has a small practice, and I would recommend him anytime.  He is very responsive. 

As a result of this fiasco, I promptly discontinued my LinkedIn account.  My personal feeling is out-of-state agencies look for unsuspecting reporters to take their work in local states and then not pay them.  I have reported for almost 25 years, I do realtime, and I have traveled the world taking depositions on both large and small cases.  Never in my wildest thoughts did I think an agency would stoop to this level and not pay a reporter.

My advice to other reporters, if you take a job for an out-of-state agency, get a retainer check up front and make sure it clears, just like attorneys do.  Unfortunately, this is the world we live in now, and you can't be too careful. Gone are the days of the handshake agreement and taking people at their word.  If anyone would like to ask questions or discuss this with me further, by all means contact me and I will be happy to engage.

By no means am I committing libel or fraud because I am relating events that actually happened to me, and I have every piece of paperwork to back up what I am alleging.  I feel this is such an important matter, that it needs to be known to the community at large.

Enough of my diatribe.  I need to get back to work.  



Anne, I have heard this about this firm before.  Very sad.


I think the farther away you live from this agency, the less likely you are to be paid.   And you know when your phone calls and emails are not returned, there is going to be a problem.

They owed me I think it was about $600.  I was finally paid after about six months and an email that I thought shamed them into paying me.  But I think the fact that I am only about 150 miles from the agency made a difference.

The State Board of NJ Director is not Jay Church anymore It's Diane Tarentillo (sic)   They will not address payment issues.   It's called Theft of Services CALL your county prosecutor and see if it's a criminal charge.   The agency who you speak of is having HUGE HUGE issues.   Actually you might want to call Better Business Bureau.  If anybody hears of Network Reporting,   let me know.

Hi Sue, Very good info about Jay Church's replacement.  Obviously it won't help anyone but good for my records!

Wow. I can't believe that.. that totally sucks


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