COVID Vaccine reactions - please share!!


COVID Vaccine reactions - please share!!

Hello, all

Please share if you had the vaccine and had a reaction or did not.  Just let us all work together to know what's happening with this "mysterious" shot.

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Comment by Deborah Marks on April 1, 2021 at 7:41

I had my second Pfizer shot two days ago.  I had no reactions the first shot except for a sore arm the day after.  After the second, I did have achiness all over and was feeling very tired.  No more side effects and am feeling relieved that I've received my vaccination!  Side effects signify immunization is developing.

Comment by Leslie on April 1, 2021 at 6:08

My good friend got the first dose of Moderna and had numbness on the right side of her face and body.  The doctors thought Bell's Palsy.  They encouraged her to get the second dose even though they weren't sure of why she had the reaction after the first one,

Within hours of her second dose her entire body went numb.  She was hospitalized for a week.  Doctors could give her no answers other than the vaccine is too new and we don't know enough about it.  She was told they have seen many patients with her exact symptoms within hours of the second dose.  After doing physical therapy, she's doing much better with some flare-ups of numbness.  Doctors have no idea if this will continue on or not.

Comment by Dee on April 1, 2021 at 5:38

Had both Modernas, no symptoms.  Husband had slight for half day 2nd one.  It's said if you have symptoms it's working.  Should I be concerned I didn't feel anything?  Father-in-law died of Cov.  Mother-in-law survived it but had some problems with feet and after symptoms led to using a walker, however she is getting stronger and even drove for the first time.   Have seen 100's post their arms,  needles, and cards since Feb. thrilled to be vac'd. Never saw topic with so many posts, all happy and feeling good.  I posted one thing about the vac.

Comment by Jocie on April 1, 2021 at 5:06

I have not had the vaccine and will not get it.

Comment by randi garcia on April 1, 2021 at 3:50
Tried to add to comment but would not allow me. For those wondering about the clinical trial results, there won’t be any. We are the control group. Big pharma sabotaged that and unblinded the placebo group and vaccinated the control arm.
People are dying anywhere from on site, see the woman who died at Cal Poly and 70-year old in NY, to 48 hours. I’ve seen lingering side effects up to two months, I.e. massive heart attack. People have complained of bleeding from every orifice you can think of. I personally know of one death, a friend’s mom and my boyfriends stepdad had a stroke. Many people develop ITP, drop in platelets, like the Miami doctor who died. Please do your research off Google. Google sensors everything. There’s tons of information out there.
Additionally, if you are hellbent on getting this jab, for whatever reason, please get an antigen titer first and get a covid test. You could be asymptomatic and if you vaccinate with covid you can die.
Comment by Maria P on April 1, 2021 at 3:44


This article help me understand the mechanics.  I will not take any of them.

Comment by lynn darling on April 1, 2021 at 3:36
Had the first Pfizer vaccine March 19 and had zero reaction or ill side effects. No pain at injection site after first 24 hours.
Comment by randi garcia on April 1, 2021 at 3:10
I’ve been researching this vaccine since they started talking about it. The problems are it’s not a true vaccine. It’s an operating system, I.e., gene therapy (please see Moderna’s web site) Once it’s in you, it can’t be removed nor detoxed. The lipid nanoparticles that envelop it have a similar feature to our reproductive system, syncytin-1 spike protein, which explains all the women complaining of period issues, month-long periods, no periods and 76 miscarriages as per VAERS. This never-used-before technology, mRNA has never been used because for the past 10-20 years the animals all had very poor outcomes or died.
This is NOT approved by the FDA. It’s status is EUA, emergency use authorization. Big difference.
Many scientists and doctors educated on vaccines have been speaking out all over the world about the dangers in vaccinating an entire population during a pandemic. You don’t vaccinate healthy people.
Social media has been removing all groups that speak negatively about this gene therapy because it’s creating even more vaccine hesitancy. That’s not at all why. The vaccine hesitancy is being created by big pharma, the media and our own government, by not addressing the severe side effects and deaths. Please see VAERS.
They are starting to segregate the country by vaccinated and unvaccinated because of the infection rate and variants. The variants, they believe, are being manufactured by the vaccinated population.
I have PubMed articles, videos, anything you would like to see to back all of this up. You can contact me and I’d be happy to send it to you. I could speak for hours about this but I’ll stop here. The information I have is enough to give anyone pause in taking this vaccine.
You can also go to He’s also on Instagram but they have removed his account three times. All he does is show anecdotal data from verified sources and articles from non main steam media. The media is withholding EVERYTHING!
PS - can’t proof this because I can’t scroll up, so sorry for typos.
Comment by Lorna Brodie on April 1, 2021 at 1:19

Here are the results I have heard from friends.   One friend tells me her roommate got the Pfizer vaccine and he has been sick as a dog ever since he got it.   His girlfriend, an RN, got the vaccine and had a heart attack and blood clot (don't know which came first) and has been in a coma ever since.   The day after my friend told me this, my husband came home from work and told me he had heard in the news that people in Europe were developing blood clots after the vaccine.    My youngest daughter told me a few days ago about a married couple (we all know them) that she talked to the husband and he said they got the vaccine because one or both of them had battled cancer and felt they were high risk and should get it.   He said after the second shot, he was sicker than he has ever been in his life.   Next case:   My son calls me today and tells me of a local man who went and had the vaccine, went to the grocery store with his wife right after, but he stayed in the car.   15 minutes later she came out and found him dead.   

Comment by Patty Culliton on March 31, 2021 at 21:55
(I typed mine in bed on my iPhone screen and as a proofreader am bent out of shape that I can’t find a way to edit my reply! Lol)

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