Please send me your best options in both hard and software for writing wirelessly.  I am tried of spending the  first ten mins at a depo untangling the mess of cables!  When I get enough responses, I will let you know the results!

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Anita, if you have a Bluetooth enabled writer, I would think your first step is to configure it so your computer will recognize it seamlessly every time you start a RT file.  If you do not have BT connectivity, Stenocast has a device (can't remember what it's called) that will attach to the writer and perform the same function. 

As for interactive RT, once again Stenocast Red or Blue for wireless delivery to atty computer or netbooks you provide for RT viewing.  There is also the online streaming method and other such programs for delivering RT, but they will require online access.  Eclipse's Teleview, from what I understand, is not a streaming method but delivers your text to an address which then is accessed by counsel via an address you provide.  I've only used it one time, but it worked like a champ. 

Others so much wiser than me will chime in also.  This is what I know of that requires no cables whatsoever.

I use Stenocast.  Pretty reliable.  However, you still have to deal with the power cords.  So...


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