I was resistant at first, creating conflicts on purpose. But after I did a few, I realized how valuable they are. Eclipse learns quickly which one to use and when.

THOERBGS - \{,}though{,}\though{,}\{,}though\though
*EUM - \{,?}I mean{,?}\I mean{,?}\{,?}I mean\I mean
AOEUMS - \{,?}I'm sorry{,?}\I'm sorry{,?}\{,?}I'm sorry\I'm sorry
HR-RBGS - \{,?}like{,?}\like{,?}\{,?}like\like
LAOEUPD - \{,?}like I said{,?}\{,?}like I said\like I said{,?}\like I said
W*UG - \{,}once again{,?}\once again{,?}\{,?}once again\once again
WRAS - \{,}whereas\{;}whereas\whereas
BA*E - \{,}by the way{,}\by the way{,}\{,}by the way\by the way
YOEUN - \{,?}you know{,?}\you know{,?}\{,?}you know\you know
TOUR - \{,}to your understanding{,}\to your understanding{,}\{,}to your understanding\to your understanding
TH*EG - \{,}then again{,?}\then again{,}\{,}then again\then again
THA*S - \{,?}that is{,?}\that is{,}\{,}that is\that is
F-K - \{,}of course{,}\of course{,}\{,}of course\of course
FOEUN - \{,}if any{,}\if any{,}\{,}if any\if any
FOEUNS - \{,?}for instance{,?}\for instance{,?}\{,?}for instance\for instance
FOEUNG - \{,}if anything{,}\if anything{,}\{,}if anything\if anything
N-FKT - \{,}in fact{,}\in fact{,}\{,}in fact\in fact
N*EN - \{,}in general{,}\in general{,}\{,}in general\in general
ST*E - \{,}so to speak{,}\so to speak{,}\{,}so to speak\so to speak

It's also useful to create a conflict with those strokes you often stack.
T-RBGS - \{,}it\it{,}
T-F - \it have\of it
TOU - \to you\you to
THAU - \that you\you that
DOFPLT - \do{.}\{.}Do

I could go on and on, but you get the idea, I'm sure.

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I don't conflict those punctuated phrases; I use Z or * to trigger the conditional punctuation.

I do conflict a few things like THRU for through/tell you. Eclipse is a VERY good learner.
Brilliant list, Marla. I particularly like the idea of creating conflicts with words and phrases that you commonly stack.

I use conflicts a lot to cover capitalization issues. A typical conflict for me would be:

HROT = \lot\Lot{#N}\

A few others:

S-ROL = \volume\Volume{#R}\

HRAOEUPB = \line\Line{#N}\

HRAOEUPBS = \lines\Lines{#N}\

Blessings, Cathryn
Hey, you guys, these are great conflicts. Marla, you read my mind by starting this thread when this section got started. I absolutely LOVE the conflict resolution of Eclipse. It makes me look brilliant and I love it when that happens. I strictly use punctuation conflicts and stacking conflicts, as I tend to stack a lot. :(

Maybe you could copy these conflicts out of your main dict and and attach to a post, then everyone can take advantage of all the artificial intelligence and training you've done for them.

I have a attached a small dictionary of conflicts that have been trained. Feel free to change the steno to suit your needs, but make sure to leave everything else alone.

Thanks, Rebecca
Wonderful idea, Rebecca. I've attached mine here.
Marla, I've got TONS of conflicts like these and all sorts of others I've added. When I first started on Eclipse about 10 years ago, I had zero conflicts in my dictionary (not saying everything always tranned perfect, but no conflicts defined in there as such). Now I've got over 1800! Some conflicts work better than others. If I find something's not working out as well as I'd hoped, I redefine it and try another approach. Eclipse does a fabulous job with conflicts, though!


(Just stumbled across this group tonight!)
Wowza! 1,800! You should copy out your conflicts and upload them here so we can see what kind of good stuff you have in there.
I think I'll do that, but I'll sort them out into categories first, like uppercase/lowercase, numbers, stacks, one word/two words. It'll make them a little easier to deal with.

For anyone reading this who thinks I've gone completely nuts with all the conflicts, I've been a CRR since '96 and write RT for others fairly often. The conflicts are not a problem or a hindrance at all in what comes up on the atty screens.

Don't think you're nuts at all. I think that those who feel that a completely conflict-free dictionary (unless they're captioners) just don't understand the power of the latest CAT systems.
Here are the conflicts I've got in my dictionary. I've tried to break them down into categories since there are so many. The fractions probably won't do anything for you unless you're using number conversion and have "Ignore Written Numbers" checked as I do. Then Eclipse can make a decision which form of fraction to use based on whether the number is written phonetically or with the number bar.

If you save these dictionaries on your computer, you can open them and transfer individually or en masse any entries you like. Also, if you like the idea of the conflict but would write your steno in a different way, you can modify the steno but keep the definition with all the A/I rules.

A few more files ...
This should be all.
Yippee! Thanks, Laura. I have 1,987 conflicts myself. They don't scare me!


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