Fifty top anti-inflammatory foods:

We sometimes forget that a natural diet includes plenty of herbs and spices to calm irritated tissues and relieve swelling.

• Basil
• Chamomile
• Cinnamon
• Garlic
• Ginger
• Nutmeg
• Parsley
• Rosemary
• Thyme
• Turmeric

Fruits and Vegetables:
Anti-inflammatory foods are often found among produce, where more color means a higher vitamin content.

• Blueberries
• Blood Oranges
• Cherries
• Cranberries
• Papaya
• Pineapple
• Purple Plums
• Purple Grapes
• Red Pears
• Strawberries

• Broccoli Florets
• Brussels Sprouts
• Eggplant
• Purple Cabbage
• Purple Potatoes
• Purple Peppers
• Radicchio
• Radishes
• Red Peppers
• Rhubarb

Omega-3 Rich Foods:
The anti-inflammatory foods found in this category are rich in Omega-3:

• Flaxseed Oil
• Grape seed Oil
• Linseed Oil
• Olive Oil
• Walnut Oil
• Almonds
• Pumpkin Seeds
• Soybeans
• Sunflower Seeds
• Wheat Germ

These fatty fish provide anti-inflammatory food protein:

• Anchovies
• Blue Fin Tuna
• Bluefish
• Herring
• Mackerel
• Salmon (wild)
• Sardines
• Sturgeon (Atlantic)
• Trout (lake)
• Whitefish (lake)

The easiest way to get your daily supply of anti-inflammatory foods is through raw-juice beverages such as the anti-oxidant rich choices below:

• Acai/Blueberry Juice
• Apple Juice
• Grava Juice
• Green Tea
• Noni Juice
• Pomegranate Juice

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Thanks for the info.  I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Forks Over Knives this year and I TiVo Dr. Oz.  Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by all the information on the show and get a little paranoid about eating anything but I try to eat a lot of the items mentioned above!

It's all baby steps. "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" changed my life.  I am a new person after watching that documentary.  Another on of my favorites is "Food Matters."

This is an area that really interests me.  I was very surprised when my M.D. recently told me to

get Tumeric capsules for relief of my arthritis and knee pain.  I think that physicians and health

care providers are looking back at what could be causing all the health problems.  It is a little

more time consuming but in the long run if we investigate what we are eating and try to change

our ways, we will be happy and healthier.

Did the Tumeric help for your pain Maureen?

I'm big on antiinflammatory foods, too.  First heard about it from Dr. Andrew Weil.  Basically if we eat by Michael Pollan's adage, "If it's a plant, eat it.  If it was made in a plant, don't," we can't go wrong.

Marge, wish there was a "like" button for your statement and I'd for sure hit it.

Yep!  Food Rules by Michael Pollan, that's where that line comes from.  A worthwhile read for everyone.


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