My job today was in Salem at 9. I didn't get out of here until after 8! I was running late and having a little bit of a time to find the place. When I got there, went up the steps with all my junk in my new big bulgingred bag . . . only to find it's across the street.

So I trudge across the street, go the wrong way, go back. Go in the right door, up the elevator. Tell the chicky behind the window who I was, why I was there. She hands me a visitor badge as she's calling to make sure she knows where to send me, and says, "It's on the lower level."


So back down the elevator, back to the teensy little entryway where I came in. There's an entry door and an elevator door. That's it! So swivel my head back and forth and back and forth from one door to the other. And out the door to the street. Up the stairs that were right next to them. And there, up half a flight of stairs was the same window I just came from!


So I start up the steps, just as chicky comes racing down the stairs with a badge to open the door next to me, which I tried but was locked.

The dimwit didn't *tell* me that the visitor badge she gave me would open doors!!!!

By now it's 9:20!!

I go in. There are three people in there, but no attys. hmmmm We have the deponent, who is deaf, his interpreter, and his mother.

9:30, the hiring atty comes in. By this time I'm set up ... as much as I can be. Because . . .

I've left my computer power cord at home!!!!!

Shoot me now.

So I go on anyway, until the computer gives me the low-power, urgent-attn-needed alert. I take a moment to save the job and shut down the computer, and I continue on with my LS, blind. Another 20 mins maybe, maybe less.

Oh! Forgot! After hiring attys get there, Mr. Son says, "Mr. Dad will take the afternoon deposition because I have a doctor to depose across town at 2:45."

I'm doing the same head swivel I was doing earlier. "What? Where do you want me to be? I'm scheduled for the doctor. What about this second depo here?"

"Oh, I guess we'll have to get another reporter in for the afternoon. And, Ms. Interpreter, are you available?"

Good grief!!

So the afternoon video, I took in my LS and my Stentura, not knowing how long the LS would last. Had the Stentura set up to switch to if necessary. Didn't *appear* necessary, but I can't *see*!! I gave my super-long audio cord to the videographer and hooked it to my digi recorder so I wouldn't be reliant on the stupid cassette as backup. Both seem to work fine, but vid guy will send me digi audio if necessary.

So that was my day.

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Comment by Brenda Rogers on April 4, 2008 at 18:27
I have the big red bag that Rhoda talked about on her page. And I'm loving that LS case! I may have to get that. My big red bag, when it's packed with everything, is really full. I'm not sure if a hard-sided case would fit or not. But really, it's so heavy loaded up, I don't plan on using it alone very often. I'm going back to using my roller bag too if I have any amount of walking to do.
Comment by caryn on April 4, 2008 at 18:16
Your Ben is rather cute! Sorry about your day. I thought having to stop for gas without knowing how much traffic was in my future was stressful, but I guess that was nothing compared! What new bag do you have? I like the new clipboard notebook for the LS that what's-her-name invented.
Comment by Debi Patsis on April 2, 2008 at 13:31
Hi Brenda- Wow your day sounded frightful from where I am sitting as a student. I take my hat off to you. Keep the stories coming you are an inspiration! Debi
Comment by Brenda Rogers on April 1, 2008 at 10:43
Thanks, Rho! *hugs*
Comment by Rhoda Collins on April 1, 2008 at 10:40
Oh.....{{HUGS}} The things we do!! Yeah, I still use my cart if I am walking a distance. I kept the makeup bag for something also, lol.
Comment by Brenda Rogers on April 1, 2008 at 10:05
No readback. There notes were all there on the LS just fine. The audio was on the digi recorder too.

The thing is, I *do* have an extra power cord. One lives in my computer bag, the other lives in the outlet in the living room where I scope and surf and forum. The other day, however, I got home and went directly to the printer with my computer bag and plugged in the computer using the cord that is never to leave the bag, planning to put it back immediately. Of course, I didn't!

I put everything in my new big bag yesterday. I don't think I'll be doing that very often -- it's heavy! The labelmaker fits, but because there's no give, the LS was a tight fit in the front pocket. The red computer bag I have from SG has a lot of little pockets, and I miss those. I tuck my USB key into one of the business card pockets. I haven't found a good small spot for it in the big bag. I slipped it into the makeup bag that is still attached.

I think I'll use it on days when I don't have to do much walking but have stairs to deal with so I don't have to drag my roller cart up and on mega exhibit days.
Comment by Rhoda Collins on April 1, 2008 at 9:49
Oh Brenda! {{HUGS}} what a day!!! So we need to get 'extra' power for jobs and one for home?? SO sorry about that! Did everything upload ok?? I would have been sweating like a pig, LOL! And what about readback??
Comment by Brenda Rogers on March 31, 2008 at 21:00
Glad you like it! It's fun to play around with. :)
Comment by Linda C. on March 31, 2008 at 20:48
Wow, I got tired just reading that! Now I definitely have to go make a cuppa for sure! I just wanted to tell you that I love what you do with your page. It's always an adventure to visit! Thanks :)

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