I am curious if anyone has ever attended one of these speed building seminars? There is one coming up in a few weeks in Sacramento, and I am very curious. However, I am not sure that the money would be well spent. I am sure that he is not handing out natural talent at the door! lol

I only have seen the testimonials on his website. I am want some real life ones! Let me know!

Thanks and cheers!

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Comment by Michelle DeSanti on February 28, 2009 at 16:21
LOL Tami
And speaking of clubs, have you guys checked out his new club, Magnum Steno Club, at magnumsteno.com? I think it's fantastic and I'm writing better and faster every day because of it. It's amazing what even just 5 or 10 minutes of good high speed practice can do. I didn't think it would be enough at first but even after just one month it really makes a difference.
Comment by Tami on February 28, 2009 at 14:26
Well, I think Kathryn's into wrestling, so perhaps, Michelle, we could have a "wrestle-off" for who gets to be president. :)

Can you tell I have two boys on the varsity wrestling team this year?? I even know the lingo -- well, a tiny bit anyway.

Mike, I'm assuming you are a reporter. I think I read where the early registration is only $200. You can buy his book at the seminar, I'm sure. Whatever you invest will come back ten-fold.

I would think the student rate would be less. Mark is a teacher, and he loves students. If he's in your area, you so need to get to one of his boot camps.

I know when my son was in school just one of his books could cost up to $250, and they were pretty much worthless after the class was over. Everything Mark sells you will use forever -- well, you should use forever because they'll do nothing but help you improve your skills.

About that wrestle-off . . .
Comment by Michelle DeSanti on February 28, 2009 at 13:28

Although Mark may not be able to hand out natural talent at the door, he's sure to point out the natural talent in you! That's just how he is. He inspires and motivates you to be better and then gives you the tools to help you get there.

Kathryn, Tami, maybe we should start a fanclub :).
Comment by Mike Rowell on February 28, 2009 at 11:01
Does the seminar come with a book or something? As much as I really want to go to this, $300 is a little steep if all I take away are my notes.
Comment by Tami on February 27, 2009 at 12:48
Oh, and, Natalie, I just went to your page and found out you were a student . . .

My son attended the bootcamp with me. At the time he was a student and had just passed his 90s. The bootcamp was in December '06. The following July '07, he passed a one-minute 200.

Yes, my humble son hates me telling the story and always makes excuses -- "It must have been a slow minute," yada-yada-yada.

BUT . . . that seminar and meeting Mark put a fire in him like I had never seen before -- well, except for when it comes to skateboarding and doing crazy things. :)

Sorry to bore others, but just so you know a little background, I taught my son Mark's theory. We started in May of '06 before the December '06 bootcamp. After a little over three months of theory, he started a community college for speed building and academics and was pretty much floating through school until that bootcamp.

I thought he'd maybe listen to the first hour of the bootcamp and then ditch me to go skate. I had already caught him checking out all the rails, stairs, etc., on our way into the hotel to check in. He didn't miss one minute of the 12-hour bootcamp and was completely enthralled.

(Sorry, Son, for your "dork" mom, as you'd say.)

I sure hope you make it, Natalie. Take some fellow students. Perhaps you can inquire on his site if they'll extend a student group rate if you get a handful of you-all to go???
Comment by Tami on February 27, 2009 at 12:32

I'm a real lifer!

I attended a two-day bootcamp in L.A. a couple years ago. It was amazing. I hope to attend another one in San Diego in April. I think I passed the 280 Q & A at the NCRA speed contest last summer directly as a result of Mark's books, tapes, and his bootcamp.

Mark is an amazing writer, but I think you'll find out he's human, extremely down to earth, and just one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. He's extremely humble, too. I'm not so sure that he considers himself the most "naturally" talented writer out there either.

I haven't written a testimonial for his website, but I probably should have since I'm one of his biggest cheerleaders.

The time and money will be so well-spent. Take some friends and get the word out up there. The more the merrier!

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