U.S. Court Reporting is a home-run company in Southern California that I believe is running a fraudulent business. The owner is a non-CSR and will contact a reporter one time to take a job, then never pay, never answer the phone, never return voice mail messages. It is my belief that she (the owner) has no intention of ever paying reporters who work for her, but just to pocket the money.

So far I'm aware of six reporters in and around Northern California who have had this experience with her. If there are others out there, I'd like to know. Maybe we can file a claim with the DA in her county?

Carole Browne

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I'm not sure they're one and the same.

U.S. Court Reporting is owned by Elizabeth -- I think it's Mitchell. She's been running the "business" out of her apartment near San Diego. In any event, I'm interested in pursuing this. I wonder how many claimants it takes to make it a class action suit.
Oh, my! That's so interesting! Do you have any idea how I could get more information on the suit(s) and what it/they involved?
I'm in Georgia, and we've recently has a discussion on our state association forum regarding attorneys not paying. One reporter mentioned "Theft of Services." I dug around online and found the below information for California. I don't know if it would be of any help but I thought I'd add it anyway. The reporter gained a "theft of services warrant" after filing a police report. She then went through the magistrate court process and the person was served by the sheriff. The reporter received her money within days.

Theft of services is the legal term for a crime which is committed when a person obtains services — as opposed to goods — without lawfully compensating the provider of said services.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Crimes of this sort are typically prosecuted as larceny, and may be either a misdemeanor or a felony, based upon the value of the services illegally obtained. Specific examples of statutes covering these matters include Section 165.15 of the New York State Penal Law and Section 502 of the California Penal Code (in the latter state the main section dealing with theft, Section 484, may be applicable instead depending on the precise circumstances of the case).
Add one more reporter that was duped by Elizabeth under the guise of US Reporting. It all happened exactly as previously described to me. After the job was completed, I received no reply from her to my various phone calls and e-mails.
Sherry, are you talking about Elizabeth Mitchell of U.S. Court Reporting in Tustin, California? If so, you're one more on a growing list of reporters who have been duped and stolen from by this person. I'm not sure if law enforcement would consider this worthy of their time. but if we have a significant number of victims, maybe they'd pay some attention.
We are, indeed, talking about the same Elizabeth of US Court Reporting in Tustin, Ca. I tried to handle the whole matter in a very professional manner by sending several polite reminders that “per our agreement,“ the invoice had not been paid. “If there any problems or concerns regarding the matter, please contact me,” blah, blah, blah. Then, after a year, I informed her that if she did not contact me in connection to the matter by a certain date, I would have to take steps toward legal action. Needless to say, that date came and went with no communication from here whatsoever.
To take action alone, would prove to be inconsequential, but more than a single incident may produce improved results.
Carole! Hi. It's been a long time. You look fantastic - great picture! I still use your name for examples of ending letter alphabets. I hope life is treating you great.
Wow! How delightful to hear from you! Yes, life is great! I'm transitioning into more court work now and finding that I love it. Don't know why I didn't do this from the start!

I still use quite a few of your principles in my writing style and am so appreciative for your seminars! You're a genius!

Are you still in the Las Vegas area? My husband and I usually go every April to a convention there (National Association of Broadcasters - NAB). It would be great to have a visit if you're around! Carole
Hi, Yes, I am in Vegas. I'd love to see you when you're here. Perhaps we could get together for dinner or a show. Please stay in touch. That's wonderful that you are enjoying court work. I did too when I was an official. You're too kind about your nice comments to me. Let's get together!!
You bet! Have you seen most of the shows by now?
Yes. I will want to see Bette Midler, the Ice show at the -- I think it's the Riviera, Society of Seven is always magnificent, and I always enjoy Mystere. If you like comedy, Vinnie Favorino is very funny (I don't like much comedy and I don't like bad language and this show is full of both, but he's very very good).
Sounds like fun. Let's stay in touch by direct e-mail on this. Okay?

I've never been to a Cirque production and I'd love to do that. Is Mystere your favorite? Are there any you haven't seen yet that you'd like to?

I suspect it's best to purchase tickets way in advance. Right?



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