I just bought a new computer because there was a deal on it and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they think it's okay to run my program on. I have Toshiba satellite and it only has an intel celeron in it. I am going to run eclipse on it and I wanted to know if anyone thinks that it will be too slow. I don't really know the difference between the dual core and the regular intel and all of that stuff, so if anyone can shed some light on it for me, that would also be helpful! THANKS!

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Hello Erica,
dual core CPUs are faster than regular CPUs because of the 2 cores, each core can handle one operation, the regular core obviously has to handle both operations at the same time hence its slower.
you know that "freezing" feeling you get from computers sometimes? that's because one core is doing not just 2 things.. sometimes 10-30 things at the same time.
Celerons are simply garbage, however, your CSR software is text based software and Celerons are (in my opinion) more than capable of running them.
If you are not going to Edit serious video, do 3D applications/play very complex 3d games, do hard coding or run 10-20 programs at the same time I wouldn't worry about it.
Hope that helps.
That certainly helps! i am just worried because the computer I'm using now is a pentium dual core and the new one only has a celeron. I know I am downgrading and I'm afraid of how the new one will work in a short time. I am thinking about taking it back and upgrading it instead.
What I am thinking is going to slow down that Celeron Computer is your anti-virus software, That stuff can make a fast computer crawl.
Good luck.
I have that exact computer for my "home" computer, Toshiba Satellite, got it about eight, nine months ago and use it strictly at home. It works wonderfully. I use an external gigantic drive for backups, too. It has been fine, no problems at all. So I guess it depends what you want to do with it. I use the better laptop at the job, transfer to a stick drive and then transfer to the home computer when I get home, as well as backup on the big external drive (I am the backup queen). But everything has run very smoothly and I have EclipseM as well.


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