I have the Gemni Piper, but I haven't been thrilled with it. Is anyone thinking of upgrading to the new Revolution?

Jenny Griffin

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Hi Jenny, I've been soooo curious about the gemini writer since it came out...
I'm sure you've been asked this before, but does it feel weird using it at first?
Does it really reduce neck/back/arm pain the way it says it does? And how long
have you been using it? I've been a freelance reporter for the past 9 or so years
in NY and have had to recently stop because of herniations and bulges in my
neck...do you think this machine is the answer??
Thanks, Sue.

Although I've had the Gemini Piper since October of '85, I have hardly used it because of the terrible stacking I've experienced with it. I've been reporting for 30 years now, and I needed to retake the RPR exam so I could take the CRR. I could not be changing my writing and working towards my CRR goal with so much stacking so I remained on my Stentura, periodically dragging out the Piper and giving it one more shot at making it work for me - I never succeeded. The good news is that I did pass my RPR in November '06 and I also passed the infamous May '06 CRR.

Recently I got a demonstration of the Revolution, and I am happy to report it is vastly improved. I am waiting to hear from two reporters who have ordered it before I upgrade myself. I have heard from maybe three reporters who do feel the Gemini has helped their body issues, and I am hoping they see our discussion and chime in.

I'm sure sorry to hear about your neck problems. Have you done your own editing or have you been using a scopist all these years? For the last year now I have been using Dragon Pro 9 to edit my Eclipse transcripts and dictate my e-mails with, but I also use a scopist - and spend a fortune on massage!

If I may ask, how do you use Dragon Pro to edit? That sounds interesting....

I'll start a new discussion about editing with Dragon.

I have the Gemini2 and have loved it. I have my order in for the Revolution, and hoping it will ship this month. I will share thoughts after I get it and use it.

I don't use my Palm with the Gemini2. Can't take it into Parole Boards, so have just used my laptop w/Case Cat. I have had my machine since 2004, a little bit before the Piper came out. I will be able to do the tablet 'as' my laptop for Boards, so am excited about that. Wireless will not be in use in there either tho.

I have used it in school and now working. One reason I liked it. I know the Revolution keyboard changed also. I don't think I could go back to a 'normal' keyboard, as I use mine all the way apart, lol.

I don't visit the Chiro as much as before I used this machine...but that could have been the 'stress' of school, too? I know I can write from 8:30am to 4:pm in Boards...and they go 'fast' one after the other...and not feel drained or anything when I leave. But I also use the Amplifier that was discussed on Compuserve, which I think helps a ton to not feel drained from straining to hear the inmates.

I got used to mine w/in a few days. I had dreamed/longed for it for so long, I think that helped me take to it faster/easier, lol. It sits on my lap, a bit above my knees. I am always very comfy w/it....

I'm so glad to hear about your positive experience with the Gemini. Wow, all the way apart - that's great. I was hoping to work up to that. Please don't forget to report back on the Rev. I can't wait to hear about it, Jenny
You don't use it all the way? I say, keep pushing yourself, lol. Again, I have it on my tripod between my legs, and it rests just a bit above my knees. Kind of where my hands fall 'naturally' on my lap. Maybe give that a try?? I know the Piper had a nicer touch than my 2. I am trying to be patient with the wait, lol.
I was thinking of upgrading as well. Jason P. sent me one-half of a Revolution keyboard to test out as I was concerned about the noise level. The new keyboard is much better I believe, however, there was still a little noise glitch that he attributed to extra plastic in the molding process that he is going to correct. Should be okay.

I haven't used my Piper yet, bought it used. You had any problem with the PDA or anything? Other than the noisy keys, I really like the concept, although haven't tried it in court.

I saw the Rev Nov. 30th, and it was extremely quiet. When did you get that keyboard half?

I had the iPAQ, and I just had issues with letting the battery run out - stuff I was doing wrong. It seemed to be fine. Do you have any support with that used Piper? I think you should really give it a try. You may not have the stacking issue like I had. Every reporter has a different touch. I had a very shallow keyboard. Maybe yours is deeper.

Please report back if you do use that Piper. I can't wait until the reporters get their new Revolution and let us know more about it. Sure hope it's soon.

Good luck setting up that Piper - should you decide to go for it, Jenny
Well, I tried the Rev. keyboard about 10 days ago. It was very quiet except when you let the keys pop up like writing really fast. Jason says he found the glitch and is correcting. I got the Piper in April secondhand and haven't ever used it because I didn't like the keys. I would have to invest more in it, like $1200-$1400 just to bump up to Rev. Hesitant unless I hear good things. I'm waiting in the background...

I was writing to a CRR literary and didn't experience the noise problem. Maybe I should have tried a faster speed. We were in a rush, and it never even occurred to me. Like you, I'm waiting to hear more. When I do, I'll certainly post here.

Wow, I sure wish we could. I've had mine almost a year now, never used it. Not risking my federal job on it. Unfortunately, I bought mine from an individual, so I suppose I couldn't get my money back. It was just pawned off on me. You have to admit it's at least a good tax deduction.

I will say I don't think Jason is outright dishonest, but I do think he's over his head and won't be able to keep up with the complaints/problems he's facing. Shame, too, because I really felt like the concept was neat.

Best of luck!


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