I cut my finger, and I cut the nerve. Dr. tells me I need surgery.

On July 20, I cut my finger and ended up in the emergency room where I got eight stitches. The dr. there was concerned, referred me to a hand surgeon immediately. That Doctor tells me I cut the nerve and wants to schedule me for surgery right away. I tell him no, that I needed a second opinion. I have a 2nd opinion for September 2. I am so scared, kind of down. I was suppose to start my internship on July 23. I needed 1-180 to go into my 200's, and I wanted to take the state test in November. My heart feels kind of broken, and sad. I really, really wanted to do this. I really don't want to get a surgery and end up worse like a lot of people do. And, if I do get the surgery, I probably wont be back to normal for about a year. It's depressing. I've done a little bit of research on cut nerves, and it doesn't look too good for me. Anybody out there had anything like this happen to them? And if yes, what did you do? Thanks for hearing me out.

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My dude cut his finger when he was washing a glass in the sink. He stuck his hand in too far, and it broke, cutting his knuckle area. It cut through the joint capsule and something else. He had surgery on it within a couple days to reattach things and recovered pretty decently. His knuckle is just bigger (knobbier) than it used to be. Of course, he's not a court reporter.

But make sure the second opinion gives you all the options and recovery rates. Remember to think LONG TERM, not short term, i.e. the speed group and the internships. Forget about the classmates, progress, etc. - I know it's hard. If you can afford it, make sure you get the RIGHT treatment and rehab for LONGEVITY. You still need your joint and nerve health as a reporter; so you want to avoid a residual problem that could come from NOT getting proper treatment. Whatever process will get you to the maximum performance with the least amount of risk should be the goal - not necessarily the least amount of time.

Think of yourself as a pro athlete. Don't come back in the game too soon or miss an important procedure for it. Really look at your options. Even a year is not that long if you can get back to 80 or 90% versus 50. That's my take. The second opinion is a good idea.
Thanks Cynthia. I saw the second orthopedic surgeon, and he said just about everything the first doctor said. I do need the surgery. It's scheduled for Sept. 18. Will be off work for about two weeks, and then will be starting therapy. He says, it's not as bad as it sounds, and yes, I will be able to go back to school and do my thing. He says I will be able to move my finger without any pain, but the feeling in my finger might not come back. He says that's okay, I'll still be able to function. And I will be back when the doctor tells me is okay to come back. Thanks for your input.
Brenda, some years ago I cut my left index finger to the bone when a knife slipped cutting meat, and I was pregnant. I just laid the whole than back for about an inch. In the ER told the doctor I was a reporter, and they took extra care with the stiches and sent me to a specialist. I only nicked the nerve, but I still don't have feeling in that finger from the first knuckle down...it healed nicely and no problems. I hardly notice it now except when someone notices the U-shaped scar. I also literally crushed the end of my thumb on my left hand about 6 years ago. The bone was in little bits, with the end of my thumb blown open. I had to wear a special splint because there is nothing they can do for your fingers except reshape it. The ER people again took extra care for me. It looks funny now, but it's fine -- looks flat. It took about 3 months before I could write because I couldn't put pressure on it, and then it only caused a little pain for a while. When I did it, I couldn't even look for fear what I had done. Every injury is different. Just relax, let it heal. Look at this as just a bump in the road. I understand your anxiety! I guess I need to start wearing protective gloves on my LH.
Thanks Patricia. I went to get my second opinion yesterday, and it does look like I need the surgery. It's scheduled for Sept. 18. Will be out of work for about 2 weeks, and then it will be therapy sessions from there. I'm feeling a little better. The second doctor was so nice, and explained a lot in details. Told me I was going to fine. I am keeping positive now. Thank you for your input.
As a court reporter, when I had my baby, both my shoulder blades winged out. I couldn't turn the steering wheel on the car even. I returned to reporting a month later. About five years later, I had a neck x-ray and discovered my neck had been broken at C-2 and fused over with calcium. Years later, a day came when I could not pick up a pencil with either hand and went on workers' comp for two months. About three years ago, I fell down and broke my middle and index fingers and a knuckle - five comminuted fractures (splintered). The tip of my index finger was sideways. 10 weeks later I was back reporting. It seems you just adapt however best you can and just keep going.
Hello, Everyone...
I am back. The surgery went well. I was off from work for 6 weeks. Just got back to work last week. I am happy with the results. The doctor was amazed at how far up the feeling to me finger is. He says it will be at least another two months before it stops hurting completely, and before I can straighten my finger. He says, I should get my feeling back completely between 6 mos. to a year. I started practicing on the machine last week. Believe it or not, I did not loose too much of my speed. It is still tight, and is hard, because when I am writting, I kinda feel the strech. But, I am good, and I know I will be back to school within 2 weeks, and I will do this. I want to thank all of you for your encouragement, and your good advice. It was a scary feeling for me thinking that I would not be able to do this, because my family and friends know how hard I have worked, traveled an hour back and fourth each way to do my court reporting studies. I want to do this, I am going to do this. Again, thank you all for your kind words.


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