I've scoped on Case for years and am now trying to learn Eclipse....arggghhh....I'm slowly working on my first appeal on Eclipse and can't figure something out.

How do you make a mark (for example, caret mark in Case ^) so your reporter can scan to trouble spots?

I've looked at all my cheat sheets and can't find anything....I must be missing something!!!


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Are you using hyperkeys? Using hyperkeys, you simply type "n" to get into the typing mode and then insert your caret.
I've emailed your question to an Eclipse scopist. If she doesn't come over here and join, I'll at least pass on what she says. I don't use a scopist, so I don't know if there's something quick and easy other than just typing in like Tina suggested.
Tracey, Karen says to just type in your caret using type mode. As Tina said, n gets you to that; enter gets you back to hyperkeys.
How simple was that....I didn't even think to try that!!! I was trying to make it much harder!!

Thanks so much!!!

~ Tracey
One more question....how does my reporter "scan" to get to the ^ mark...?

~ Tracey
To make a mark for your reporter I would use the Add Field command, Control a. It will bring up the Add Blank dialog with your cursor in the Field Description box. Just type in what the reporter should look for, i.e., check spelling, etc., and press the Enter key. This will insert the field that the reporter scans to using Control t or t in hyperkeys. They will see what your issue is and if they just press the Enter key the field goes away.

Awesome!! Thanks so much...that's exactly what I was looking for.

~ Tracey
Tracey, since you are new to Eclipse you may be able to use this: if you need to change an Answer paragraph to THE WITNESS as a spealer, just place your cursor in the Answer paragraph and press Control 0 (that's a zero)


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