If anyone can help me on the bazillion questions I have, I'd sure appreciate it.

Firstly, I like my text big on the screen. I figured out to go to user settings, display, editing font. But now I'm having an issue with half of it being hidden by the steno window. So I found out how to get rid of that (ctrl shift F5). But it's still pretty far to the right of the screen. Why does it show so much blankness on the left of the screen? I've uploaded a screen shot to anyone who cares to be a generous soul and help me out with this.

I've got lots more questions, people, so watch out!

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I can't stand to see someone frustrated with Eclipse as I'm one of its biggest fans! Do you have Left Margin clicked under User Settings/Display? Try unchecking it.

Hope that's it, Jenny
Yes! How did you know? Does that affect anything other than what I see?

No. It's just a display feature for you. On one of my computers I like it checked, and on the other one it's unchecked.

How did I know that was the answer? Five and a half years loving Eclipse - training myself by using the help menu, watching the visualizers and going on six different forums, of course!

Will you be my new best friend? :)
Whenever I type the wrong punctuation in, I hit undo (z); and it takes the punctuation out, but it also takes the space out so that it's now attached to the previous word. NO amount of "z" hitting seems to get me that space back. Whyyyyyyy?
If I put in a comma and then decide it's wrong, I hit z. That will take out the comma and take out the space. If I hit z one more time, I get the space back. This will work with Ctrl z as well. You are learning hyperkeys, right?

Jenny, if I hit the z more than once, I get the space back, but it undoes the previous fix too. Doesn't work well for me on punctuation.
Ugh, strangely enough, now when I hit z twice, the space goes away. Why doesn't it work sometimes? I swear I'm not crazy!

I am learning hyperkeys. They're driving me crazy. Some of them are just so not intuititive, and some are.
I just don't use the z for punctuation. Much easier to just hit that key again to undo it.

I've been on Eclipse for around 10 years. I'm only NOW learning hyperkeys. Hitting the N in order to type is SO HARD for me to remember!!!
If you hit the comma again, it should disappear, providing you're on the word behind the comma. It's a toggle. Same with the other punctuation marks.
It messes up if you've made more than one correction in that same paragraph. I hardly ever use the z. If I put in a comma and then change my mind, I just hit the comma again and it magically disappears.

If you're hitting the wrong punctuation, such as comma and you want a period, you just hit the new punctuation and it replaces the old. If you put a comma in and decide you don't want it, don't hit the Z key, hit the backspace key. Your cursor is on the front of the following word after where you placed your comma, and the backspace will simply get rid of the comma. I defined the small letter "b" on my keyboard to be backspace in hyperkeys because I use backspace a lot and hate reaching up for it. In the default hyperkeys I believe the "b" is either block copy or the dashed off Q&A. I use neither of those more than once or twice in a job, but I use the backspaces LOTS of times so the "b" made more sense to me to use as backspace.
Naola (Eclipse trainer)


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