Hello, Stenovations users

I am a court reporter who is a digitalCAT trainer and Stenovations representative. I will be happy to answer any/all of your questions here.

Greta Duckett

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One addition to Dave's list.
In a period or question mark entry, click on the Cap Next flag.

For alphabets to work correctly, you must go through your dictionary and remove all finger spellings. For instance, remove E -FPLT/ R-FPLT defined as ER. The reason for this is that digitalCAT doesn't see that as an alphabet. Then when you are finger spelling PERI, it will translate P ER I (with spaces in there). It is tedious to remove them, but necessary.
Hi, Melissa.

As has often been said in this thread, "I'm not Greta, but --" here's what you need to do:

With you Scandisk attached to your computer, open it's window.

Next, open another window, and navigate to C:/Programs/DigitalCAT/Dictionaries.

Next, switch back to the Scandisk window and locate the dictionary there. Once you find it, right-click it, and select "Copy."

Next, switch to the other window (Dictionaries). Click anywhere in that window (but not on a folder or a file!), and right-click again, and this time select "Paste."

That should copy your dictionary to where digitalCAT expects it to be.

Once it's there, you'll have to tell digitalCAT that it is there, and also tell it to ignore the one you have on your Scandisk. To do that, open the Transcript Editor.

Click the Translator menu, and select "Dictionaries." You'll probably see the dictionary from your Scandisk in here; select it, and click the "On/Off" button.

Next, in that same window, click the "Add" button. Hopefully it will be pointing to C:/Programs/DigitalCAT/Dictionaries already! Make sure it is ... and select your desired dictionary and click "Open" ... and that should do it for you. Feel free to eject your Scandisk and check to see if DC is using your dictionary on your hard drive. If things start translating, you're done!

Finally, please note that these directions apply for Build 192 of digitalCAT (because that's the only one I can get to run on my Mac without starting VMWare Fusion), so things may not be exactly as depicted above ... but I'm pretty sure they're close.

Good luck .... and hope this helps!

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
Thanks for answering, gdw. I have been *cough* * sneeze* sick all weekend.

One little addition. After you have added your dictionary to the queue, you want it to stick so that each transcript will have it in there. After you follow the above directions, apply your page template to the empty file you have. Go to Translator, Dictionaries and see which dicts are in the list. If you want only your personal dictionary to default in a new transcript, then remove any other dictionaries. There could be other dictionaries you want in the queue.

When you have it listed how you want, go to File, Save As, Template. Then save your page layout.

Greta --

No problem! I've been a bit under the weather this weekend myself (some sort of stomach thing) ... unfortunately, it started Sunday and continues to today (Monday)! :o(

Since you're coughing and sneezing, perhaps some of your hot sauce might help. If you make any sweet and hot sauce that would work in tea, try that!

Melissa, you're welcome, of course.

You should probably know that the only part of the manual I've read in any depth is the Getting Started portion, which tells how to set up digitalCAT, from installation to setting up the audio. I know all this stuff because I play with dictionaries a lot. Even found out how to put your dictionaries on a flash drive so you can search and add things to it when you're away from your main computer (with the help of a frustrated student's husband who wanted to know how to search her dictionary on a computer without digitalCAT).

Any software where you can get by just by reading the Getting Started section and getting up and running is well worth keeping ... and I hope not to have to switch.

Good luck to you, Melissa ... and feel better, Greta!

There is some issue with drivers of peripherals and Vista. Are you using a usb serial port to connect your writer?
It can be fixed, I just don't know how! It has something to do with loading the drivers for the peripheral.

Additionally, check http://stenovations.com/pforum/viewtopic.php?t=47
That is a thread on the Stenovations forum which gives directions on how to load digitalCAT on Vista.

Do you have the driver that came with the serial port you are using?
email me your phone number at ilovedigitalcat2@hotmail.com
You're welcome, Melissa!

If anyone is wondering, we reloaded the driver for the serial port. When she originally attached the serial port, Windows told her that the device was installed and ready to use, but it wasn't until we loaded the driver.
I have read all of the others questions and your answers. I am just wondering if you can possibly help me. I recently purchased a Sentura8000LX and have a Vista desk top computer. I have had nothing but problems trying to get DigitalCat to work with the Sentura. I have tried almost everything. I even talked to Avrey today and he wasn't able to help me. I purchased the machine throught stenotech and he had already sent me two different USB to Com Port adapters and it just won't work. I taked to a representative at Stenograph and he thinks the problem most likely is the Sentura, basically because it might not have been refurbished properly. Again, there might be some competition regarding the two companies, so I don't know if I should trade this machine in for a more updated one. I did go to school about 20 years ago and feel free to look at my profile. Is there any recomendations that you can offer. Please e-mail me if you can help.
Thanks so much,
Therese (saraymarie2000@yahoo.com)
Hello Greta -

I have been breaking in the Lightspeed for the past two weeks. I'm about to give up. My RT is still messy and I am in terrible pain in my arms and neck.

Have other reporters experienced these problems?

Also twice last week the program froze and I had to reboot. I worked with tech support and they suggested changing some settings. All went well today except for the excrutiating pain.

Any help you can give will be welcome -
Thank you -
Leslie Rockwood
Thank you, Yvette. I'll have a look. And just how long did it take for your realtime to clean up? It's fine if the testimony is slow but awful when it picks up. Very humbling experience.

Thanks again -


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