Averatec 3200 Laptops for Sale -- 4 pounds ***NEW UPDATE AS OF 9-13***

Hello everyone,

As of September 13, this is only 1 Averated 3200 laptop left --- Great for that extra realtime laptop for the attorney.


As of Sept. 12, There are only 2 Averatec 3200 laptops left and the Averatec 3500 tablet just sold.....

I'm selling 2 Averatec 3200 laptops, 4 pounds each. I have the realtime viewing programs installed on them. The rest of the computer hard drive is restored to factory settings, wiped clean, except for the realtime program installed.

I'm selling them for $300.00 each. Retail is approx $800.00 Includes all the documents that came with the computer, battery and plug.

Shipping fee would be $10.00 priority mail.

I do accept Paypal for credit card users.

If interested, email me at ariellesantos@hotmail.com




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No reason. I got different ones. These laptops are great and have no problems
UPDATE ----- Okay.......now there's 2 of the 3200 Averatec left and one of the Averatec 3500 Tablet left.

What's your email address? I have a picture and description but I didn't know if I can put it on this ad.

Of course, if you want to come to Easton, it's my pleasure. I'm 5 mins into Pa. I'll give you directions through your email if you want to come. I'm actually not working tomorrow if you wanted to visit me.
I will email you the info and picture of it....and then if you still want to see it in person, let me know.

I'm working Tues to Fri, but will be home Saturday and Sunday. We are trapped at home for 7 weeks until the puppies are bigger.
Please read the original post for an update


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