Hey! Anybody out there take the July '08 CSR? I took it and passed and was just wondering what peoples opinions were on it.

Look forward to your comments : )


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What state CSR, Kathleen?


Ya... Guess it would have helped to mention that I took it in CA. Woops! Thank you! I cant wait to start reporting. Im pretty nervous for that first depo though!
You have something major under your belt: the ability to pass a certification exam under the huge pressure that accompanies that type of test. So go to your first dep with the normal trepidation for doing something for the first time but remember that you prevailed in passing that CSR exam.
BMTA, Kathleen!

:~ Denise ~:
I just checked out the stats, and the pass rate for first-timers was 87.8%. I've never seen a pass rate that high. It was about 45% overall pass rate, which is also high.

Congrats to you for passing the CA CSR! My question is since this was the first CSR test given without the academics given on the Friday before, do you feel that the pressure was lessened somewhat in people's minds? I know from experience that taking a two-day test added mental pressure to the machine portion of the test; and by the time people got done with the academics, they were still on edge and looking weary the following day before taking the machine test. Staying at a hotel for two nights, being away from your comfort zones at home (not to mention your family), eating strange food kind of puts you on edge. Does anyone else agree with me that this could have factored in a substantial change of the outcome? Not taking away the much deserved accolades of anyone's fantastic achievement of passing this challenging test...I'm of the belief that if you can simply focus on one goal and not have to put up with all the above, you have a better chance of passing this test.
The California CSR accademics are now given off-site at several testing locations. Check out the CSR board website to get more info. I tested for two days when I passed the CSR, so I don't have the experience of that new testing.
This is the first test where they have done the academics seperate from the machine testing. The academics were done at a testintg site where people go to get all kinds of different licenses. It was on a computer. I think not having the academics the day before the test really alleviated a lot of stress and allowed us to focus on one thing at a time. You could even take the law and english portions of the exam on different days! I took my academics a few weeks after the machine portion of the test.
I agree with you, Diane. I think it does take off a lot of stress by breaking it up in two or three sessions.

I heard the test was phenomenal, though, so I really don't know if it factored in. It sounded like one of those tests we all dream about getting. Hopefully October isn't a nightmare to make up for it. :)

Congratulations, Kathleen!
Yes, my congrats again to Kathleen and all those who passed. A triumph nonetheless! Do you know what the test was about? Was it a car accident or personal injury? I always prayed for one of those types of tests because of all my brief forms I used, but never got one. I suppose the October test results will say whether or not this theory is true or not.

I just remember one word that one of the students I mentor told me about, and I'm not completely sure I'm right. We were at the NCRA convention when she told me. It was the day after the test. Think she referred to "Wicke's," as in Wicke's Furniture, I think???

That was the one and only word that she said caused her to hesitate. She said it seemed very slow. She was completely jazzed after the test. Passed it with a 99-plus accuracy. Think she had only 15 errors.

She passed all three legs, too!! WOO-HOO!!!

I'm sure Kathleen can fill us in on the particulars of the test.


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