I am new to this site, but I have been a reporter for 30 years, and I am wondering how to get more work? I came home the other day and got four emails for agencies looking for a reporter, but then last two days, nothing. So, is there another way I can solicit myself?

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It's easy. Stellar realtime.

We all should be working at improving it every single day -- for ourselves AND our profession.
Do you call agencies, or do you wait for the agency to call you?

If you want more work, go after it. Call the agency and ask to be put on their overflow calendar. Don't wait until the last minute. If I'm not busy, I call around and book out days in advance. If they cancel, then I still have time to look for work from other agencies.
I am on 5 or 6 overflow lists and everyone seems to be slow. My agency just lined me up with four jobs next week, but they are all Worker's Comp, which i love cause they are easy and good money, but my hubby isn't working and we need extra money. So, my friend sent me to this website, but I thought I would see emails everyday on my laptop when I came home, and just wasn't so. I picked up one job yesterday from this website, so that was good. I was just curious whether I am using this website correctly and if I am missing something.

Thanks for your reply. Where do you live? I am in Anaheim, Ca.
Less than 25% of our members are part of a "Cover Depo" group, I believe if we can raise that number to 75% a lot more firms would use it.

Maybe we should send out more email reminders?
Hi Pamela. I'm from Anaheim too. I work one day a week on depos and the other four for the City of Anaheim PD (for benefit reasons.) Just a FYI: In October the OC Superior Court will be accepting applications for reporter pro tempore positions. My advice is to go to their website (www.governmentjobs.com) and fill out an interest card. My other reporter friend finds that work is slow now, so she's trying to get into court. That's where I'm headed. Give it a shot. Keep in touch.
thanks for the info. It's a hard decision to make, leaving a steady job w/benefits for one w/o. I need to work 5 days a week and I'm not sure whether pro tempore will provide that opportunity. The courts, however, really want to hire reporters with court experience. Catch 22 situation.
Yes, I've been wondering how to get those types of jobs. I'd be very grateful to have a list of agencies that do send reporters to hearings. I'm also going to test for CA Hearing Reporter exam in November. So if I were to work there, would that qualify me in terms of "working in court"? When I began reporting, I started at the LA Office of Administration where they had a judge-type court room setting and I liked it very much. My email is dhickman@anaheim.net at work.
Hmm, I think so. I'd have to read the job description again to be sure. And if it is considered court experience, then that's great.
Oh, forgot to mention the other part of your inquiry. I work full-time at the PD and I'm directly employed by the City. I did this during the last part of my schooling. I had to work, take care of my kids, and go to school all throughout my life it seemed, plus have to deal with job layoffs and husband out of work during the begining portion of school. Through determination, family support, and God's guidance, I managed to graduate and obtain both California and Nevada reporting licenses. All seriousness aside, I still have some sanity and a bit sense of humor left. Few friends except those who were loyal throughout my not seeing them through school, but the ones who were tested by fire stayed by my side. God bless them.
I don't get emails about work every day from this site. I get 0-3 a week. I'm in the North Bay CA area.
Sure, Jeanese I would love it. Can you tell me who you work for and what their turnaround is for pay? Also, I do love the easier stuff now cause as I have gotten older, I find that I have more aches and pains!! Never thought it would happen, but I am babying my wrists, too as I am scared of carpal tunnel from so many years of reporting...I actually have to drive to the SF Valley next week just to get work. My agency loves me, and they will give me first choice even if I have to drive. It is MWA and they pay every week.

Please email me at Fourcakers@aol.com

Thanks, again.


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