I might be in the market for a new laptop, and I was wondering if anybody has experience with using a mac with case software?

ANY advice or comments will be very helpful!! thank you!

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Hi, Danielle.

Alas, I have no experience running CC on my MacBook Pro (I'm running both digitalCAT and Eclipse), but you might want to check this thread (you'll need to register and log in if you aren't on Court Reporter Assistance already).

This thread discusses Macs and CC ... and has a pointer to the issue of the JCR that has Rick's article on running CC on his Mac was published.

Good luck ...!

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
I'd also check with Stenograph and see what they say. Sometimes the software is only Windows compatible. I think, and don't quote me here, that their software is only Windows. I remember this only because I was talking to my mom about how I was glad I didn't get a Mac earlier in the year because then I wouldn't have been able to use Case. I could be wrong though...

Danielle (both of you!) --

I guess my reply wasn't too clear.

Yes, *all* CAT software is Windows-only.

Fortunately, the new Macs all have "Intel-Inside" ... which gives the Mac greater ease in emulating Windows via programs like Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

These programs run Windows as an application ... and from within that application, you run your CAT software.

As it is emulation instead of native, there's a bit of a speed hit ... so max out your Mac's RAM to lessen the blow.

Another option is Boot Camp.

Boot Camp (free, by the way) doesn't just emulate Windows ... instead, it allows your Mac to become a Windows PC (you'll have to provide your own copy of Windows, of course).

So yes ... you can run your CAT software on a Mac.

Hope this clarifies!

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."
ok! thank you everyone for your help!


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