i was just forced to purchase a new computer and got a slick-looking Dell XPS M1530. true to its pictures, it's beautiful - but its reliability is a whole 'nother subject for the forum.

the question is: is it possible to output your realtime through a USB port?

i don't have a PCMCIA slot on the new Dell laptop and there are only 3 USB ports, one of which is reserved for the security button fob for my Catalyst8 software. i've also used a multiline block supplied by Stenograph in the past which plugged into the old PCMCIA card.

does anybody out there have a similar setup and, if so, can you tell me how you're managing to output your realtime feed to attorneys?

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thanks, phil - i'll check out your recommendations.
I pretty much do the same thing Phil does. I have a 4 port hub in one of my usb ports with security key, input from stentura and output to attorneys for realtime. works great. my thumb drive won't work with the hub, I have to plug it in to my other usb port on my computer (Dell Inspirion). I'm ready to go wireless for my stentura, but won't get around to it for a while. Stenograph isn't recommending going wireless realtime because the problem with compatibility with the attorneys' computers will be even worse than trying to plug in the realtime cable is now. A lot of the big firms have firewalls which make it difficult to connect. On the other hand LiveNote is really marketing its Livestream product, which is wireless. Gotta go, I'm rambling. If you get wireless ironed out, please post what works for you.
I'm with Phil. You can get USB adapters from a lot of places (including www.Depobook.com :)) and then just run from there to your serial cable connection like always. I'm pretty impressed with the www.stenocast.com wireless system as well. I've even run my usb adapters through a 4-port hub (also available through Depobook and elsewhere), along with a key, wireless mouse, etc.
In essence, I plug my writer input via USB to serial adapter, and I output realtime cables the same way. You will even want to keep a third (or fourth) in your bag for the attorney who shows up expecting your realtime cables to plug directly into their new non-serial port laptop.
Hope that helps.
Eric Johnson
yeah, I keep a spare usb/serial adapter in my computer bag in case an attorney really wants to hook up but doesn't have a serial port. you can either let them buy it from you (for those reporters who don't want to worry about showing favoritism) or give it to them. I paid $20 for the last one I bought. Definitely worth the $20 to get the extra $1.25/page for a realtime hookup. Not to mention the goodwill engendered to a client.

Hi Frank - I provide a wireless realtime feed to attorneys through a product called StenoCast X7. I have a box that I plug into my USB and then I give the attorneys a receiver which they plug into their USB. It's practically effortless and reliable and you can have up to seven hookups. http://www.stenocast.com/
Let me know if you have any questions. :)
A few months ago I had to do the same thing, get a new computer. It had to be an XP computer, not VISTA. I got a Dell Vostro 1500. At the time I didn't realize it didn't have a serial port -- ack -- couldn't connect my Flash writer. Picked up a Radio Shack serial/usb adapter. It works, it crashes. It works more than it crashes tho. ProCAT (my software and provider of the Flash) is working on the problem. They're suggesting, at this time, picking up a Belkin serial/usb adapter. There are others out there. M

However, I only RT for myself.

I've got 4 usb ports (one for my security key, one for the mouse, one for the thumb drive, and one for the Flash. There are other ports, however, I don't know what they're called, or what they're for.
Sue, Frank, Eric, Kellie

I should've mentioned, I can't go blue tooth according to ProCAT since the Flash isn't compatible, and I refuse to shell out the money , even with a trade-in, for the Stylus which is blue tooth compatible, since I plan to retire in September.
If I understand your question correctly, you can just buy a USB to nine-pin adapter anywhere. But keep your receipt. Some of them work, some don't in realtime output. I use a Keyspan USB adapter that has a printer and nine-pin adapter.



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