Did anyone else know that Coastal had gone out of business?

They're the ones located in Mission Viejo, California. I was shocked. They've been around a while.

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I've never heard of Coastal. Who owned it?

I don't know who owned it. But it's been around a while. I know a couple of people who used to work for them. I was just surprised.
Maybe they're just restructuring, you know, splitting the business between owners, divorce, etc., etc. To say they've gone out of business is a pretty rough statement. If you call their number, will you get absolutely no message except the "I'm sorry, the number you are trying to reach..."?
Coastal was the first agency I ever worked with back in 1999. And yes, they are out of business. Pauline Yukoto (sp?) was the owner, and they sold their house here and moved down to, I think Carlsbad. In fact, Karen, who was the office manager, does my processing and billing for me for my clients.
I was driving over by their office in Mission Viejo. My tax lady is over there and I saw Coastal Reporting. I wanted to go in and introduce myself, but the office was closed down.
Ah, you're an early riser too!!! It's my most productive time to work, from 4-5, depending on when I wake up, until 7:00 until I go feed the doggies. From then on, it's hit and miss LOL
But yeah, that darn sign is still up. Don't know why. They've been out of business for over a year now. Guess the office space hasn't been rented out again.


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