Has anyone bought the new futuristic-looking writer that looks like something George Jettson's kids would play for a musical instrument?

I've used the same writer for 15 years now....and I'm look at new writers, hesistantly, afraid to get to "electronically" dependent.

Would love any feedback on the newest writers!


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You'll love it or hate it, but I prefer love it...I do mine. It's wonderful not being exhausted after writing all day. What a big plus!!!!

must let you know that I truly appreciate all your info. I'm really looking forward to trying this thing.
Can't believe that reporter uses her laptop so low! Amazing how the different nuances make such a huge deal to your body ergonomically.

P.S. any new shoes lately? I was in Mexico week ago and found a pair of shoes I wanted SOOO badly, but didn't have my size. Cannot find them on the Internet anywhere. I'm thinking they were from last year's line. Do you shop online for your shoes? I'm hoping my memory serves me in that you're a fellow shoe-fanatic!

Yeah, that would be me, shoe freak! Or "lady with the shoe fetish" as Phil calls me. LOL
I have bought some shoes online, Steve Maddens and a couple others. It's tricky though, because sizes aren't as consistent as they ought to be. Nothing new though. So not fair about the shoes in Mexico!!
not so tricky with free shipping both ways (zappos & endless; shoebuy has good stuff but return shipping not free). I order 2 sizes, return them quickly, and they don't even show up on my credit card bill!!
Good point. I hate returning things, even to a local store. I really hate mailing things off like shoes. I need to get over that and use the tips of the master. :)
Oh, yes, the master says take advantage of free shipping. And for me, even better, after I print the label and tape the box, I leave it downstairs with my doorman for UPS to come get it. Oh, the wonders of high-rise living!

I recently ordered 10 pairs from Zappos and returned them all. From that order I saw there's one brand that could work for my awful feet: Magdesian. So I ordered
5 more from Zappos, 4 Magdesians and one other (Annie Emerald); kept the Annie and 1 Magdesian. Then ordered 6 more from Zappos and kept 3 Magdesians. (That's 16 pairs of shoes I returned to Zappos!) Then from Shoebuy, ordered 6 and returned 4. Easy Street is the brand of the two I kept. There is no way I would ever find these shoes. I could traipse around to 10 malls and I wouldn't find them. If I had a normal foot and a favorite store such as Friedman's Shoes , I'd be giving them the business for sure.

Must be organized with all this ordering and very prompt about returning what doesn't work. No question about that!
Wow! That's a lot of shoes!
I know. I'm a little nuts. I figured I'd make hay while the sun shines. Plus I went to a bat mitzvah in Atlanta with a lot of parties and really wanted to look good and needed nice shoes. Mission accomplished if I don't say so myself!
wow . . . UPS with the doorman. Well, my daughter *does* work for a UPS Store. That makes it way easier -- just send them back with her! And she can tape it too! HA!

Where are those sites???

Oh, wait. More tripts due . . . damn!
Here's some shoes to ponder and the websites:

Here's a great shoe digest you might want to get:
Subscribe/Unsubscribe & FAQ:

They talk about this brand a lot in the digest:


Then there's www.endless.com.
Also www.shoebuy.com

OK, now I'm going to start watching DWTS. Love that show!


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