Where is the time for THAT!!! Share if you do/don't/wish you would!

DD has the TV on and this infomercial is on. I am REALLY tempted to order it!!
Looks fun....

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It comes with hand weights and I got the stretchy rubber thing and some thigh weights...maybe I can do the thigh things around my ankles somehow! thanks! Great to know they DO work!! (If you 'do' it too, lol)

Just wondering how you and everyone else is doing, especially at staying motivated and making the time for exercise.

I hit a slump and was having a real hard time staying motivated. Decided not to worry about and not to allow myself to give in to it for very long. Finally back into the swing of things and hope that the warmer, gorgeous weather here in the Philly area will help me to keep the motivation level high.

Anyone have any plans for keeping active this summer?

Got it, but have not found 'time' to get at it, lol.
Wow, I have all that you mentioned. My husband has the PX90 and I have the Slim in 6 --- I haven't really started it yet. I've just started walking/running on treadmill and doing the bike....but if you said you lost 3 inches in 3 weeks, that's great. I really have to lose my butt, and thighs and my back I would like not so wide.....within the past 5 years, my back got bigger (crazy, huh??). Anyway, I leave to Dominican Republic in 17 days, so hopefully something can happen --- like a miracle. lol lol
I'm just a scoping student, but I also wanted to say that I have the Turbo Jam DVDs from Beachbody. I enjoy them quite a bit, as I love kickboxing, and they are fun. I know people who have lost a lot of weight with them, one over 100 lbs.

I already have to schedule exercise into my day like I would a regular appointment, as it is. I'm a legal secretary by day. I know once I start scoping, I'll have to work it in the same way.


Keep making it a priority to schedule the exercise. It's so easy as a scopist to become chained to your computer and become extremely sedentary! That's what happened to me. The benefits of the exercise are far greater than any amount of money you can make scoping pages instead. I've even found that I'm more productive and my mind is much sharper now that I'm exercising on a regular basis.

So don't give up!



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