Can I adjust Global Magic or something? I used it for the first time and it was so wonderful for company names and stuff, but it was suggesting tons and tons of briefs for everyday phrases I would never use, and that was okay, too, but then it was actually using them in the RT. Is it supposed to do that? Just as an example: Say they suggested THEUT for "at this time in the case" or some such odd phrase. It would tran out that way and I was like "NONONO," and quickly opened user settings during a pause in testimony and switched off the Global Magic. What am I doing wrong?

QUERY EDITED BY SUE: With Jenny's help, I realize I am not talking about Global Magic at all, but Auto Brief. It would be nice to customize that so I don't have stray translates. I guess I have more than one problem. I guess I'll have to do some research after I finish this job I'm working on today.

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Hey, Jenny! How the heck are you? I haven't talked to you in ages.

Sorry for the thread drift!
Hi, Jenny,
Well, in a way. I just never use Global Magic or Auto Brief. It changes things I don't want changed and just causes more work, in my opinion. But thanks for asking, it was very nice of you. All is fine here in TX, things seem to picking up a bit and I am happy about that. How about where you are? Maybe you're here, too, hehe and I forgot!
Sue, your response is breaking my heart! Well, except for the part where you say work is picking up. That's great! I'm in CA, and it's still on the slow side. I believe you mean Translation Magic and Auto Brief. I'm really thinking you need to call someone and talk about TM. Maybe you need an updated phonetics table in your ini. Did you put that EnglishCommon.txt file in your EclipseNT folder? You don't have to answer me at all, but TM and AB help me out so much - and I'm a clean writer - I feel there's just something off with your setup!
I'm sure you are right, I'm just not sure where to start with that stuff. But thanks for asking. I don't know a thing about the EnglishCommon.txt thing at all. It's probably time to try again, I guess I'll get someone in support to help me. Thanks for the suggestion. I know it is supposed to make my transcription time shorter.
Sue, I've attached EnglishCommon.txt. Just save it in your EclipseNT folder. It will know what to do after that. It will cut down on so many AB suggestions that you just don't need.

TM, translation magic, do turn it on, but don't leave it as high as 50. Way too high and gives you way too many exotic suggestions. Start at 15 or 20 and see what it does for you.

There's really nothing more to it than that. Support wouldn't give you any more tips than those.

Good luck and let us know how it does. They're such fantastic tools, that I'm with Jenny -- just breaks my heart to hear people give up on them before giving them a try with the right settings.
Brenda, mine's been at 50. It's been great, but sometimes it puts weird things together ~ like this just happened ~ "Did she give you Aegean to put on?" A GOUN translated to Aegean ;) I didn't have "gown" in my dictionary. Will lowering the 50 help w/ that?
Yes, definitely! I use 20. I think Jenny's between 20 and 25. The lower the number, the fewer really out-there suggestions you will get.
Thank you!!
Brenda, you are so sweet and generous to help me with this! I will do it today and see what happens. I'll report back after my next depo. Thank you!
Brenda, not sure I have done this correctly. The only option was to save to my desktop and then I copied it to users folder. Never saw where I could copy to NT so not sure if it will work. Do you know what I mean?
I've replied to you by email, but in case it will help others, no, it doesn't go in the users folder; it goes in the EclipseNT program itself, which you find in Program files. The best way to make that accessible is to make it a shortcut on your desktop.

Thanks, Jenny. Of all the many tips you've given me, that's in the top 5.


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