Can I adjust Global Magic or something? I used it for the first time and it was so wonderful for company names and stuff, but it was suggesting tons and tons of briefs for everyday phrases I would never use, and that was okay, too, but then it was actually using them in the RT. Is it supposed to do that? Just as an example: Say they suggested THEUT for "at this time in the case" or some such odd phrase. It would tran out that way and I was like "NONONO," and quickly opened user settings during a pause in testimony and switched off the Global Magic. What am I doing wrong?

QUERY EDITED BY SUE: With Jenny's help, I realize I am not talking about Global Magic at all, but Auto Brief. It would be nice to customize that so I don't have stray translates. I guess I have more than one problem. I guess I'll have to do some research after I finish this job I'm working on today.

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You're talking about Auto-Brief and not Global Magic. You may want to edit your title if possible. You should never have an AB translate unless you actually use those strokes in the job. Do you have Keith Vincent's AB macros?
Maybe I do. Not sure about all that. Last summer when I heard about Global Magic, I wanted it right away and started emailing Eclipse. After about two or three months, they sent me a CD and I loaded it on, but frankly, I haven't been able to find Global Magic on it. Maybe I don't even have it yet. I am up to date on my software support, so I guess I'll have to call them to see what I need to do to get it up and working properly. Thanks for letting me know I was on the wrong track.
I have the same problem
Patricia, do you have Keith's Request an Auto-Brief macros and the Reject an Auto-Brief macro? Did you install the or .7 disk?
Do you both have EnglishCommon.txt in your EclipseNT folder? That might have something to do with AB issues. It should be in there.
You need the EnglishCommon file. I've attached it. Just save it to your EclipseNT file. That will take care of your AB problem.
I have the same problem, and I have the EnglishCommon file, but I don't have the AB macros. Can you guys tell me where I can get those? Of course, I guess I'll have to learn how to use macros then.
Lisa, I've attached all my AB macros. For your issue, the most useful one is Reject Last Suggestion. I use Keith's stroke for it -- NO*EB, for no brief.
? I don't see them.
neither do it! I'll try again. and if that doesn't work, I'll email them to you.
Got 'em, Brenda. Thank you!
Sue, did you ever get this Auto Brief issue taken care of? How is it working for you these days?


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