Oh, jeez, this was a new situation for me. I recently got a request from a brand new court reporter to come and sit in with me. I met her at the last RPR exam and so I knew her and I got a recommendation from her teacher -- a personal friend of mine.

Long story short, I agreed and she came to the courthouse. Esther came ready to go and seemed really excited to come and sit in for the morning with me.
We talked about all sorts of court reporting stuff while we were in court and I thought everything was going well.

After court, I brought Esther around to meet the other members of the staff. It was Friday, so there were a few people around who had afternoon calendars. After having a chat with my trusted friend, Vicky, we left because Esther had to go home. We then left and on the way to my office, we met Michelle (another coworker) and during the conversation, Esther started to cry which totally freaked me out. I've never had that happen to me.

So, we sat and I did my best to try to calm her down. She said that this was all overwhelming for her -- she's only been working three months. I mean, I remember how it was but, jeez, this took me off guard.

So, anyone have a funny story about something like this or just some advice on how to handle a situation when it arises. She's already told me she's a 'cryer." LOL.

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Hi Anthony
I would probably go out and buy some stock in Kleenex, and a box or two for her.

I can probably relate to your intern. I am a "cryer" too. She probably just had a lot of pent up emotion, nerves, anxiety, etc... and needed to release it. This has happened to me, but I've learned to keep it together and save it for when I am at home and alone or listen to a sappy song that will make me cry or watch a sappy movie beforehand. The best thing you can do is just allow her to get it out and try not to make a big deal of it. I know it must have been totally awkward for you. When I was pregnant, it was really hard to control, and I would sob like a baby at some of my doctor visits, but the look on the doctor's face (shock, a little panic, irritation, and a lot of "WTF!") would make me start laughing, and it would be done, just like that. Maybe you can try to make her laugh her way out of it. Good luck : )

She was probably just looking for a shoulder to cry on and to let it out so to speak more than an answer or advice. I can imagine how overwhelming it was and to be sitting with an expert who is obviously tops in the field is probably like training with an Olympian as a new athlete. I'm sure you did the right thing and she will be fine. I go the opposite direction and tend to laugh when nervous, sad, happy, you name it! OK, here's a funny (not so funny really but..) At a funeral years ago, I turned and saw someone I had not seen for a long time. As soon as I saw him, I remembered a very funny incident with him and I started to laugh uncontrollably. It was the wrong place and the wrong time but what could I do?? I left the room and composed myself and went back in after about 10 minutes. Still brings a smile to my face so many years later!
Thanks, everyone. I guess I'll be stocking up on Kleenex. I guess it's a pretty emotional experience for a newbie meeting new people and experiencing new things. I mean, I didn't give her half the information I usually do when someone sits in with me, perhaps I overloaded her with even the info I did give her. I remember being pretty excited to sit in court with an Official. However, my crying intern was definitely new experience for me.


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